Update on Delirium Server Status

Same thing every league.
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
Constant disconnections when entering to new zones. Been stuck in the ledge for the last 2 hours. Other than that, everything worked great so far.

Thanks for letting us know, and I hope this gets fixed soon. <3
ETA?? i wanna play so fkin bad
Expedition Master Craft Service Expedition My IGN TreeOfDead
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2037371 Vouch
Expedition Masters Crafting All Service all crafts mods
Expedition SC Master Craft Service Expedition SC in ESC craft!
Master Crafting Service Expedition ESC craft PM: TreeOfDead
Quarter Million players?! WE'LL TAKE IT
Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
A DDoS attack on top of people trying to play? Is there no way to mitigate that?
My name is Kro and I'm an eternal casual.
It's all the ppl working from home that can finally log on.
Cant Enjoy when cant play! Been in Q many times Q starts to drop then Complete DC

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