Update on Delirium Server Status

Today's launch of Path of Exile: Delirium saw record player numbers - a peak of 237,160 simultaneous players so far in the first hour. While we're extremely pleased at the amazing turnout for launch, there are some server issues we'd like to talk about.

We anticipated a large launch, and ordered considerably more servers than we usually do, but it looks like it's not enough, especially when coupled with an ongoing DDOS attack that has knocked some of these machines off the internet. More servers will be added to restore capacity, as soon as they are available to us. We have instituted a login queue so that the game experience of people who are logged in is less affected.

Meanwhile, our regular gameplay programming team have been processing bug reports and client/instance crash dumps to make fixes for issues that players run into. They are currently bundling the first set of these into a 3.10.0b patch for restartless deployment soon. The good news is that from a gameplay bug point of view, this is one of the calmest launches so far. I wish I could say that about the server situation, but we're devoting everything we can to that currently.

Thank you so much for your patience while we add more servers. We hope that this will be resolved very soon. In the meantime, please continue enjoying Delirium! We'll be playing right alongside you as soon as things are stable.
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/also hugs

Thanks for the update! With how successful the last league was - super excited for Delirium!
keep the good work
/hugs from me too <3
please fix ip problem whit venezuela T-T
thanks, cant wait!
Thank you for the fast update.
You can do it!
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