Update on Delirium Server Status

It's screwing up virtually EVERY instance change for me now.
Yeah it sucks that they keep having server issues, but then again it's a free game. And a damn good one at that. So I'm willing to put up with a few hiccups at league launch.
I'm mad on your behalf. It's sad that after all GGG's hard work people don't get to experience it properly because of a few nitwits out there.

I got disconnected more than ten times on DC within the first hour and kept getting knocked back to a queue, so I stopped playing. This is the first time I was present for a league start for a year. Sigh.
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I'm still waiting the patch B in order to play... zZz

My chest is my standard chest on the new league (the tabs, with nothing inside).

A couple hours ago, I had that :

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Darkzuber wrote:
gabe0003 wrote:
The North American server players are at such a disadvantage from the server issues. Veteran player Lvl 28 after 3 hours lol cause of the DC's. Embarassing. Last time I'm buying a support pack until they actually quit boning us every league launch

lol read before writing ;O

I did. Its GREAT watching the NZ and EU streamers DC free while we get the short end.
Having a hard time enjoying it when I am unable to make it 3 screens from the waypoint after the 4th attempt...
I can't even log into the game to play it just keeps saying abnormal disconnection
Meta = cattle

-ty men
This is insane incoming credit card dispute. Never spending money on this game again
rip launch

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