Integrating Metamorph into Core Path of Exile

Very cool ! Love that you adding sextants and scarabs right away.
Im curious if there would be two metamorph encounters when we use Sextant mod + scarab, or just more metamorph monster to choose reward from.
So, metamorph stays. Nice change for sextants & scar.
Hopefully you’ll also rework the way tanes lab works with the samples being extremely out of proportion. And selling three to get one is not a permanent solution... you could make them like DNA strands instead of different organs. Just pick 5 DNA samples so we don’t have to hoard them and do extra tedious work
Another 10%...

I would love space for oils and all currency shards in the currency tab. Also incubators.
so it mean, metamorph not merge with standart ?

Sorry im newbie here
How about currency tab?

7 new currencies on top of oils , blessing, vial without slots?

At least oils and catalyst need slots someone and I don't mind you just release a league currency tab with future competitiveness like frag tab
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cassia scarab PLEASE
didnt like it but its ok

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