Integrating Metamorph into Core Path of Exile

I really wish the 10% thing would go away. Why not just let us pick a league theme to play on a character in Standard so we can actually enjoy it throughout the entire game instead of just in maps, and only with a chance to spawn?

The whole 10% problem gets worse as the pool gets more and more diluted. Enough with it already.
Shade_RU_N53 wrote:
Catalyst/Oil tab please. Otherwise a great addition to the game.
There is more than enough paid thematic tabs in the game. Existing ones should be extended to fit these new currency items. And we still don't have the ability to place Charged and Pure Breachstones into the Fragment tab, BTW.

I agree. there is no need for a new tab. there is enough space on the existing premium tabs!

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My QoL List:
Morgan_I wrote:
"Only 10+ challenges can whisper me for trade on this item".

neat, "making the ability to trade dependent on the league challenges", it's way better than having a char level requirement.

also, banning anonymous accounts? why? what for? how?
if you pissed someone off he will continue making new accounts to annoy you. endlessly


metamorph goes core? obvious thing for me.

question is: will they stay as rippy as they're now and will rewards be as plentiful? this will be essential for the general acceptence.

for the multitude of shard types and currencies we got now, it gives the game some amazing complexity, especially since every shard is still usable somewhere.

i just wonder, what's the reason to not integrate some currency into paid tabs? to have players buy more normal tabs or quads?

also, aren't new players repelled when the flood of shard types fills their 4 free tabs (and maybe 3 bought ones) in the first 3 days of playing instead of the first 3 weeks like it's been some years ago?

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Yet another 10% mechanic into the Core Game. As usual

And that there is no way to get around the other unwanted mechanics that also have a 10% chance each that stupidly flood the atlas endgame is also annoying as fuck.

give us atleast Tane as Master Alchemist NPC for our Hideout with Missions

oh and "Both of these updates have been very well received by players" is a straight up LIE. MM has still some very questionable stuff that isn't 'well recieved' and i don't even want to start here about Conquerors because that's another topic. just wanted to mention it incase you forgot ;)
Are you also considering to put a stash tab for Catalysts, anointment, itemised samples, etc
No to conditional challenges on top of RNG pure luck mechanics.
Zanryu wrote:
Catalysts / Oils in tab when?

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Cant agree,more stuff to the core without a real advantage on that.
Best of this league was the catalysts,they are pretty much op,but hard to get it even in league,the juicy ones were rare af.
Tane´s lab its only more of the same,we allready have a ton of stuff to get random currency,essences, blight.
Imagine now with only catalysts.
Would be better add the damn dudes to blight chests,temple,syndicate, instead of all meta stuff,my opinion.
drklrd wrote:
Tane should not be chasing players across the whole map during the acts. Making him spawn once. I dont want to see him 4 times during each zone.

Havent played this Leage beside a short Testrun for the next one, but this alredy annoyed me after the first few houres....
carkasjak wrote:
The amount of bloat going core is getting out of hand. Yikes. At some point there needs to be a feature pruning.

+1, they should toss everything from Betrayal on. Old masters were better and the game was a lot more fun.
why only 10%? make it 20% pls! its rly cool mechanic!
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