Integrating Metamorph into Core Path of Exile

Very good job here. I like this way of integrating content as well as the Conqueror deterministic change. Now just fix the Horizon Orb and Harbinger Orb issues and I will buy supporter packs again very soon :)
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more bad decisions.. but as I suspected every single league will go core up to 4.0 where your engine wont be able to handle all the unpolished crap

finally players might stop praising everything and stop for a second on their prays to tggg gods and think that they are messing up..

there will be a time where your players will start noticing your mistakes more often..

Bex_GGG wrote:
Both of these updates have been very well received by players, and as such, we've decided that when Metamorph League ends, we will be rolling it into the core game.

this is the typical copy paste I would expect from support but what can I say after the witches ascendecies mess up where you throw bots into the playerbase as if they were real players..
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at first i was bummed to read that metamorph will be going core. call me petty, but i really am not a fan of the green circles on the mini map.

but then i read that it will only be 10% of maps, and that makes me change my mind. i think that's fair, i can live with that. carry on.
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very good
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I don't like a map have 10% to spawn Metamorph/Blight/Legion/Betrayal/Incursion/Beastiary/Zana/Delve mission. Why can't we "always" have atleast one encounter during mapping?
Give us something to do two things every maps, a league mechanic with past league content together. Don't spawn past league mechanic with 10% chances please.
carkasjak wrote:
The amount of bloat going core is getting out of hand. Yikes. At some point there needs to be a feature pruning.

Just what I've been thinking for a few leagues now. This is ridiculous.
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I said this before and MANY leagues before. Dont add every league content into the core. I can see you adding delirium already now. I want to play new contents not to Replay them all over every league
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Ah yes, the good 'ol "we make it a 10% chance per map, BUT you can get scarabs!" route.

It's lazy, no one asked for it, and still disappoints everyone. The first page alone had a much better idea: just retool it to be exclusive to bosses, and make every map boss always drop a part.

Using this method to tack on every single league is abysmal, and is ideal for exactly no one: it's either far too low for someone that actually wants to do it, or it's still a chance to annoy them when they want nothing to do with it.

This content bloat, with little to no control over what you wind up encountering, is more than getting out of hand. And the game's already starting to sink under the weight of all of it: most assuredly in terms of performance, and quite possibly also player activity as well.
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this is getting ridiculous...

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