Integrating Metamorph into Core Path of Exile

Thanks a lot GGG now I have to leave one stash tab specifically for them organs.

Now give us a catalyst/oil tab.
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XeadRiu wrote:
Kinda sad it's only 10% but well, better than nothing :D

thats what every single league instance chance is
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Are we going to get dedicated currency tab space for the catalysts and blight oils? I had to use a separate stash tab just for those.
I just imagine getting all the organs to create a metamorph is going to be a challenge for the average player. I wish the spawn rate was higher than 10%, but I get they don't want to overshadow the new league. I'm going to miss having those monster icons on my maps at all times.
Please add storage for oils and add Cassia a master :)
My first thought looking at that tab is that they still don’t hold upgraded breachstone And the new delirium splinters. Fragment and currency management despite the purchase of paid tabs is a real issue.
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The amount of bloat going core is getting out of hand. Yikes. At some point there needs to be a feature pruning.
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Now just make some room somewhere for a stash tab that stores all these parts. I have 5 full tabs of these things.

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