Integrating Metamorph into Core Path of Exile

Big surprise there...
Still there is no room for oils or catalysts in the currency tab. If you don't consider them currency then maybe make a "random crap" tab and update it With all the things that are added to the game in every league.
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very excited to see these changes!
I don't know why I have forum access, even.

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whyle you at it on adding extra scarab slots. fix the damn currency tabs, just what the hell man.
oils anci shards and many more shards.
fk archnemesis.
ty tane
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I'm glad..that i avoided beta temp leagues.

Metamorph core !!!

Really happy to read that.


Keep up the good work
Awesome - I was really hoping this would go core.

I actually feel like I didn't realize how much I would miss things that don't stay until Synthesis didn't go core and I sometimes feel like I'm missing out now since I didn't do all the implicit crafting when I had the opportunity.
One of the huge improvements in Metamorph league was the markers on the mini map of monsters - will that continue in Metamorph maps?

Or even better - be brought to regular maps as well. With the fog of Delirium and the gray'd out palette, finding monsters is totally key.
We also need space for catalyst, oils and currency shards :)
So... no dedicated stash space for samples?

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