Announcing Path of Exile: Delirium

Looking forward to it. But, I'm still trying to figure out the Atlas changes. Now I'm looking at the skill tree. I don't see how a new player with zero experience with this game would ever last.
And the white guys says, I'll have a Coke then.
The one and only games that need to start from 0 to enjoy new content every3 month xD
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3 months is way too short. Pity, for GGG.
Super nice new Content!

people seem to have big worries about POE running well on PC, I'm playing on a 300 euro PC and it's running!

Absolutely Brilliant game.

Super new Altas very easy to understand!

Its fun!

develop happiness!

Develop Happiness
I hope the mist effect won't kill my FPS and the game is still runnable on my potato PC.......
victortkc wrote:
I hope the mist effect won't kill my FPS and the game is still runnable on my potato PC.......

The fog tech was originally created for Path of Exile 2 (for graveyards, etc) and is very high-performance. It uses a volumetric post-process rather than particle effects, and has a constant low overhead regardless of what is going on (rather than being more expensive in more intense situations). Other fog effects we have used in the past that you may be concerned about used stacking particles which are a lot more expensive.

Apparently they are using volumetric post-processing instead of particle stacking, so performance issues shouldn't be a problem. However, I really doubt this, but we'll see.

"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019

"It looks like we broke something with 3.10.0. We don't know what it is yet." - Bex, March 16th, 2020
im ready lets go!
Silent hill
Some days ago on reddit I've praying to RNGod to make new expansion without "black monsters on black background spawning black bombs you need to evade". And now I've got all this crap covered in mists. So, no glass canon builds anymore? Cool. And It's not only me:
Lakh wrote:
heh.. time to double down on not being able to see the ground then i guess =)

As some of you may seen, metamorph constantly-flowing black textures kills performance on outdated GPUs. Here we got much worse. Maybe instead of buying supporter packs I'll save money for new GPU...

I like this mind-corrupting theme a lot. It's dark, it's disturbing... But why mists? Not the greatest way to implement madness. Hope that in-game it will look more intimidating and mad...

New skill tree... Promising, but meh... In current state 1500+ passives produces 10 meta builds (over 95% of all end-game builds). Do you think that 200 more nodes will make difference?

"We want to avoid people Googling ‘How to Path of Exile character’ and then copying exactly that". But how about new players? To make proper build that can reach maps you need to know a lot about game and plan in from beginning till the endgame. Sometimes I remember my first impressions when I try to play this game back in Anarchy. I was stuck in acts with no damage and no clues on how to get further. Sadly, PoE provides low possibilities for rerolling character. So many new players will face huge problems and make unplayable builds if they are not guided. Will you play another one if previous five rip in 6-7 act?

Trade-only league with heavy HH profit. Hope for some great news in patch notes.

not sane anymore
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