Winners of the Talent Competition

Those sculptures should've earned more love!
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Neeeyyy first listed in the run up's... Damnit no shirt for me. xD
However it was fun to participate.
First place is well earned. When I saw it the first time I had the feeling that this will win. Well played!!!
Also concrats to everyone who participated!
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How do you even rank that ? :o They're all amazing ! I'd have given up and said fuck it they all lost :p
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souse3 Jun is really piece of art... DLed it for desktop =__= Wish more art from this artist, oh my god...
Drakartwow - scrolled and scrolled and scrolled it down until you realize how awesome it is, bravo!
xevoken minecraft based vid just getting better and better... Keep hoig dude =__-)/
x_KOROL_LICH_x - nice anime style, missed art from darklolita666 this time, nice to found new artist with this style. Good job!

Rest of stuff pretty nice too! You are true fans of the game, be proud of yourself my fellow exiles!
holy crap you could start making path of exile 3 with the community as artists and it'd be just fine.
Stunning works!! I am really looking forward excitedly to the talent competitions every time.

But can someone help me - where´s the shaper in the Path of BBQs busy scene? Can´t find him and this is driving me nuts :D
I wish I would have known about this. I could have done something cool with my keyboard and guitars (and DAW). I thought it was only artwork that was submitted.
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If You are interested which arts are not on the winner's list, I did it for You:
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People surprised something didn't took better place [Removed by Support] it's biased nonsense all the way. I've spent a lot of money for materials and instruments and all my free time after work for 3-4 weeks sculpting my work and not even made to runner ups? [Removed by Support]

p.s. i guess tencent would go bankrupt if were would be more then 11 runner ups xD

i don't know, it's RNG garbage, probably. i don't think anyone actually spent time looking through the submissions. they either picked some randomly or took the first 30 or whatever.

it's mind boggling that the metamorph "kunstkammer" album didn't get in at all. it's some of the best fanart of anything i've ever seen. it was in the "highlights" post, i know, and he got in with another submission, sure, though that submission is really bland compared to the megadeth inspired one.

sure, sure, it's all in the eye of the beholder. i'm not ragging on the people who submitted their artwork. it's just that i find ggg's part in this very low-effort.
Someone's always going to feel they got screwed over in these talent competitions. At least there isn't a top entry with significantly lower quality than the others this time, #3 in the last competition got a lot of hate because of that.
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