Winners of the Talent Competition

The best part about those talent competitions are the [Removed by Support]. Complaining about bias and subjectivity in art competition is on of the top ironies out there.
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They're all amazing, I especially like the cello one and the drawings from Drakartwow and Verdeimparat8b, great job !
My hideout thread :
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Brain blown apart. Holy shit - this is talent
wow some of these are absolutely breathtakingly amazing
Congratz to everyone. I realy enjoyed keeping track of this thread as well as participating in it.
Floored by all the talent and congratulations to the winners! Really enjoyed keeping up to date with the submissions. It was a good experience creating for the competition and am honored to have made the cut :) My favourite is from Drakartwow and Deosain.
Congratulations to the winners.

But i am actually disappointed and i cannot understand why i am not one of them.
It's not like i just made 1 or 2 songs, i made effing 3 songs!

guess i'm stuck in the "abyss"
Amazing stuff!
top 3 submissions are terrible, didn't even bother checking out the rest.
Big yikes.
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Congratulations to the winners!

It is a pity that my work was not honored with anything. But competition is competition.

Atleast check out my work, guys. Hope, somebody will like it. Spent lot of days on my 3d model. :)

To those, who complain - guys, this is not specialised competition. Submissions are very diverse. It's nearly impossible to judge to make everybody happy. And winners really deserve it. Just better luck next time, no need for anger.

As for me, atleast I have one more work for my portfolio, thank you GGG for motivation. :)

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