Winners of the Talent Competition

Fantastic breadth of entries. My personal fave was the metamorph machine, amazing detail. Well done to all the winners and thanks to all who entered.
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fantastic! They are all winners in my book. Thx for sharing such great art!
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― Christopher Hitchens
gratulation, has been fun to watch and read!
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
cello theme is just awesome. dank
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When the prizes "Best TOS breaker" will be given ?
About 20.000 accounts (or more?) competing for the prize "Selling for real money and never been banned."
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
The firsts pages are the bests ones.

The arakaali's fang drawing was the best and deservs to be the 1st.

I really won't participate anymore after seeing this
I know the comment will not be read by all of those talented artists, but great work. Really.
And I'm glad there's so much metalheads in here :D
Great Work everyone! So much Talent out there.
So I read all three stories that've won. Both 'Breaking of a Warrior' and 'An End to Hunger' are great, and distinct from each other - one a conventional tale of an event significant to the game, the other a reflection on the world and events of the game from a very different perspective. However, I have no idea what 'Mires of Time' is even about, it just seems like poetic abstraction piled upon poetic abstraction. The land the protagonist washed up on isn't Wraeclast, nor does it really seem to be maps. I can only guess that he must be inhabiting the Memory Nexus from Synthesis. But as to what the story is meant to be about, or to signify, I'm as at sea as he seems to be.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
That cello piece sent tingles down my spine!

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