Winners of the Talent Competition

Gratz to the winners!

My favourites where Verdeimparat8b and QueenNie submissions.
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Thank you, can't believe it! I'm honoured. Congrats to other winners, amazing work!
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Grats for the winners !
Congratulations to the winners.
weiner weiner chikan deiner
Congrats to all the winners!
This is on the last place??? Im very dissapointed.

Excellent, very talented contestants. The top 3 is very good.

Edit: Come on guys, you entered a competition and didn't win. I'm not saying you should be happy but don't start whining about it.
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Congrats to everyone!

Many skillful artists play this game. What is more, many arts where really creative, so I don't mind that my pencil drawing is not mentioned.

See You on the next competition all!

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