Winners of the Talent Competition

I still remember years ago when I first tried this game. Then I had no time and my life situation were taken toll of my free time so now when situation is better I am glad I found this game again.

By then I couldn't ever imagine to have this experience that I have now seeing all the great arts and songs made by people inspirated by the game. Holy shit you people are amazing. This is really touching moment for elder fart like me.

My personal favor is the song of Divine Power. Oh I missed the link and the real name of it but it was one of the top winners. Congratulations all who are behind it. It should be used as PoE adversite somehow.

Great works everyone, happy to see such of talent of fellow players or atleast inspirated by the game.

All the sympathy to the ones who did a lot of job but didn't win. Perhaps you could link your artwork to this post or somewhere I could watch and listen hours of these.

Competition was hard and I also wont envy judges, making some of participators very happy many will feel sad when perhaps some by envy and some perhaps did something better than the others.

I know, its easy to say but your artwork is best price you can get. I would love to see more.

Thank you all of you and thank you for making this great game.

Oh the song I was very touched was made by stark4machines. Thank you.
wheres the stone carved exalt? that thing was so cool
Well done, exiles! The Minecraft PoE and Verdeimparat8b's void warrior pic are awesome and the ones i like most.
Sadly i didnt listen nor read the music and story ones- its not for me, i wont appreciate it enough, but i support them too.
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.
Thanks for #14! Really happy to have been part of the contest! But that bigass stone exalt didn't get anything? It was cool as hell!
I'm not usually the guy who shares his dissatisfaction or whines, but at the moment I'm feeling very disappointed with work if the judges - somehow hardest and time consuming entries are in lower brackets or completely ignored, like my map device and many other great works. No comments or explanation , just "it is how it is" and ranking makes no sense. It raises a question - why bother putting so much effort and time then you can draw a picture in few hours or make a cover and somehow leave behind such great and hard works as activity book of NieNie, carved marble exalted orb, many other great sculpting, arts, etc.
Also there is a video submition, there it clearly said, what maker of it have nothing to do with PoE, she just got the husband's request, he wants shiny mtx. So it's okay just to order/ buy something from some random artisan, not PoE community member?
I know GGG don't owe me or other submitters anything and it's their choice to do as they see fit, but not even putting entries which took a lot of effort, time and work in runner ups is very discouraging. Just the honorable mention would be a "sight for sore eyes".
Nonetheless, congratulations to the winners
Gratz to the winners; amazing fan art!
This is actually oustanding.

As reward for your artistic skills, I will add on top of what GGG gives, a small reward to the top 5 (or top 10) in the form of legacy items on standard.

Going on a big shopping spree in a couple of days.

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I'm getting the chills of these compositions
[3.9]Hasunic's Toxic Rain Trickster:
[3.7]Voidforge Flicker Strike Slayer:
[3.7]Oni-Goroshi Fire Vaal Reave Zerker:
these are sooooooo sooooo soooooooooooooooooooooo much awesoome wouw really wouw you are awesome this is not only the video game its life style really <3

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