3.9.2c Patch Notes

Very nice, and needed updates. Thank you.

Can you fix the lag in phase 4 of sirius. The lag monster in that phase is the only hard part of the fight tbh. Since the changes 75% of the fight is a joke and the last phase is only hard because when he says die i get 2 frames. I cannot be the only one this is happening to. My pc is fit to run any game out today and i have no issues literally until he says die, then i die due to not being able to move at all.

Also randomly i will get smashed by a meteor 0.3 seconds after the crater graphic froms around me.

Thanks again for the updates.
Logging out to character screen with smoke mine and/or phase run up seems to crash to desktop after the patch.
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crashing (no error ctd's) every few zone changes, does not matter which zones I load into, only that I load into 'em for the first time. towns ARE affected by this.

this bug has existed since patch 2.6.0 (!!!!) - does NOT matter if you're in a party, or soloing
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Crashing every time i change character since the last update. Every time
Romados wrote:
sim3k84 wrote:
Very nice patch, but:
Maps now display their Atlas Region by default. Holding Alt displays Map Completion, Bonus Objective Completion and Awakening Objective Completion status.

It doesn't work unfortunatly. Only shows region, with Alt appears only item level, not any bonus completion.

Yes, I was disappointed this is not working.

Other changes are great. Thank you GGG.

It's working, make sure you have checked the "Advanced Mod Description" on Options > UI.
Sorry but i must ask, how can you break a game so badly with 1 patch? I never saw so many crashes per second in like 7 years, this is unplayable.
roxx1811 wrote:
Can you please add search functionailty for blighted maps in the map stash?

Just let me enter "blighted" in the search box to highlight them. Thanks!

that we even have to tell them is ridiculous...

(it was actually requested already early on during the blight league so it's nothing new)
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So, nothing about actually reworking the stash tab so that it fits the new Atlas I see ...

The lact of blighted maps search is also stupid, I'm just not using my map tab for those :/.
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Don't know if it's just me, but can't place or take out items from Guild Tab although I'm leader.
3.14 - Removed Harvest from the game.
Don't know if it's just me, but can't place or take out items from Guild Tab although I'm leader.

Same here.

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