3.9.2b Patch Notes

ty for ur work! <3
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Thanks for the patch, but I keep getting dc'd in uber lab, maps not a problem but always in lab I get dc'd and this is over the past week (skipped bad layout days) prob gonna quit league, can't even ascend my 2 characters...

Edit: was able to ascend both of them, just rushed to end, skipped shrines for most part, it was just a one-off today, thought it was like before where I would disconnect 3 times in a day in lab, still noticed I lagged whenever I casted my +96 curse effect bane on my occultist tho so I just reduced the amt I casted.
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Updated patch, cant play game. You have been warned.
Since patch, I have gotten tons of disconnects... horrible lag while loading into towns... and very pixelated and blocky animations... ALL THE TIME.... isn’t a patch supposed to fix stuff... like cmon GGG... time to get your “poop in a group” and stop making the game worse by rushing to patch stuff... take a little
Bit more time and GET YOUR **** TOGETHER...
This patch made poe unplayable on Xbox. Can't get it to stop crashing. Tried taking off all my cosmetics and still having the same problem. Tried restarting the Xbox, same problem.

Update: game works fine if I STAND COMPLETELY STILL
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I was able to play all evening lastnight with just a couple crashes and terrible pixelation... but I’ve crashed 13 times this morning just by trying to load into lioneyes watch... or when it does load me in, I try to accept a trade that is offered to me and it crashes right there... FIX YOUR ****ING GAME
Dcs all the time on xbox just to confirm
Have froze at least 4 to 5 times in last 10 minutes after update. Basically killing then that loud buzzing/screen frozen like betrayal had. A couple times straight to dashboard by entering zones. Just lost a Jun and then couldnt get back in. Silly issue, I'm sure you'll fix it. Thanks.
It looks like it's crashing for some reason unplayable at the moment hope it's quick fix
I just leave poe and now i am trying ESO. I just hate poe for that bugged and lagged mess, patching and patching and patching..... I really regret spending money on this game. Sorry ggg, its GAME OVER for me.

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