3.9.2b Patch Notes

ty ggg
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Somehow you made the gpu crash return..
ibims111 wrote:
GGG - Please do something. React, Respond, anything. Annoying that we have to google and search forums to get a solution for a clear bug. It is not obvious to switch Hideout, take out specific stones or what ever others figured out to solve influence not showing up anymore.

$ Stones to spawn, 4 Stones in. Quests are done. 149/131 maps done. AL 8.

No matter what I try. My atlas is stuck at 3/4 influenced areas and I cannot spawn the 4th or any conqueror.

Play with watchstones, change some sockets, concentrate in one area. They work. Ive been there, some fiddling with stones helped.
Great patch most of it seems to be working …. however the new sextants mods on the awakened sextants are not working just consumed Alva on a booming watch stone and there was no Alva in the map at all. that's troubling " a lot "

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