3.9.2b Patch Notes

Any update on that issue on xbox ? It's still crashing for me...
Still crashing for me 5 times in 10 minutes unplayable come on ggg
Crashing more now than ever for me...oriath my hideout ive played 1 map in 45 mins...its just crash after only a minute sometimes not even doing anything but walking...also i cant use the b button to back out lf menus all of a sudden
Patch notes should include..

Added crashing feature to all players
Archc22 wrote:
Patch notes should include..

Added crashing feature to all players

Not to all.
LittlleJimmy wrote:

Update: game works fine if I STAND COMPLETELY STILL

I don't know why, but this made me giggle. Standing still is the whole point of the game ;)
So I guess the 1 gig update yesterday was a joke? Just like the rest of these patch fixes, bet this one doesn't fix anything for the console

edit: I've crashed twice since updating TODAY
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Please! Remove Dyeing penalty, because the game is miserable to play. With this new Atlas it is impossible to level up. The crash and bad lag. You die all the time. You die even in loading screen. When the GAME is so broken you cannot punish as with DYEING PENALTY.

Regards Very Old Player.
It would be VERY NICE APOLOGY TO AS, if you give a free leveling without penalty for a month. I think we all earn that.
GGG - Please do something. React, Respond, anything. Annoying that we have to google and search forums to get a solution for a clear bug. It is not obvious to switch Hideout, take out specific stones or what ever others figured out to solve influence not showing up anymore.

$ Stones to spawn, 4 Stones in. Quests are done. 149/131 maps done. AL 8.

No matter what I try. My atlas is stuck at 3/4 influenced areas and I cannot spawn the 4th or any conqueror.

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