3.9.2 Patch Notes

there is a guide which organ drop on which map. just don't know if it is still viable after the patch
by the way nice job adding in a memory overload (3 different memory leaks) with the entire sound engine. nothing else has to run for the client to lag.
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Faustdath wrote:
ChanBalam wrote:
I played three hours with the memory rock steady at about 9GB (out of 16). No issues during play at all. Fabulous. Thanks.

But, when I alt tab out of the game it crashed and closed the game. I did not snap a pic of the message, but if it happens again I will.

Excellent patch!

Some rendering message? It happens when i Alt tab to Desktop only.

Message says: Createtexture2D Not enough storage available to complete this operation.

My memory use runs at 9 GB of my 16 GB while playing. When I alt tab to the desk top I get that message. It closes the game.

Win 7
Nvidia 1080 Ti
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What about the convert button on stardand map tab? :(
greezly2 wrote:
bvanharjr wrote:

memory leak is worse now (about 20%) - on windows 10.

Confirmed. Yesterday Poe just freeze my pc entirely and windows get some damage cause of sudden lack of memory, just restart 2 times at starting. Today i have crash with some new notifications. VERY BAD.... And those who make applause on first page go to game and test new changes or clap your hand to your face.

Yeah stop unisg new untested and unstable software, go back to tested solid Win 7.
Great update, but the nerf to metamorph is brutal. With a moderately tanky character, I can now facetank almost any morph. Makes me sad.
Nice. Just moment ago I got DC an lost all portals to waterways, ONLY one I have. If game been behawe this way, then playing will be nothing but stresfull.
I fight Sirius awaken 6 today and deathless, my gear is only 8 exalted. That was a big nerf Sirius , UE is stronger than Sirius now. So easy game is boring :((
As a console player,i like to know when we get this patch.Used to be inform us,now nothing.So it can be 1 week ? 2 weeks ? or months ?
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Re-straightened the curved paths on the world map.

What was wrong about the curved lines? ^^ They looked nice like that.

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