3.9.2 Patch Notes

Sure would love a progress update on the 5700xt ctd issue some time this league
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XBOX Console fixes for when ?

- Game crashes whern picking up a watchstone from inventory after it has been received when killing the conquerors.
- Horrible loading time when getting into a map
- Corrupted graphics (squares instead of any auras or layers of on the screen) when changing screens on the game (wether getting into a map or just changing the level on regular gameplay by portaling)
- The filter for items is broken, you need to load your options each time you start playing
- Horrible lag even though i'm playing on a 1GB network at home (yes , 1GB fiber optic and it lags regardless of the server i try to use)

It's a bit upsetting that we actually see so many patch notes but for the console users there's normally a delay on the bug fixing and the bugs are not fixed (on Blight I could not play the blighted maps (yep, the league mechanic was not available on the league....) because the lag was so humongous that the monster would kill me and i could not even see it...
The game actually gor a "SOunding crash" that returned me to the Home screen.

As a paying user of this game that bought already some microtransactions and would actually want to benefit from what i bought, the continuous let down on the console users is a bit disappointing.

Even more so because the console is a fixed platform , it does not have any hardware changes so you can trial it out before letting go a new league/patch/whatever...

Would apprecciate some answering if you please.

Thank you.
are u gonna fix all the lag in the server too
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I finaly converted my 4500 maps in standard (after 1.5 month...).

ty GGG, now i can play
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