3.9.2 Patch Notes

<3 thx, finally!

AL 8 kill pre patch feels good although MG feels like cheating tbh
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after 2 weeks break hope its fixed :)
Btw GGG dodge not working at all on some bosses, metamorphs, monsters!

Not spell dodge and not hit/attacks dodge (evade) not working!

And spectres need buff base HP/Life and more base defence/armour/res MORE!

Spectres die to many many source even in low/mid lvl maps and some metamorphs!

Same happen with Animate Guardian!
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"Changed the behaviour of the storms so they no longer pursue the player or their minions. Instead they more organically maneuvere the arena in a way that should cause more openings to travel around freely while still applying some limitation."

Damn I was hoping you reconsider this random movement of storms change....
Well, it's either really good or people will be mad.
Adjusted a number of Metamorph skills, including the Reliquarian's Firestorm, the Shavronne & Brutus Hover Slam, Tentacle Miscreation projectile skills, the tracking Mortar skills (including those used by Oriath zombies and Kitava's Heralds), Burning and Caustic Ground-creating skills and several others. In general, these will now either deal less damage or be easier to avoid.

Thank you...
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No Aspect of the Spider fixes :(

Added new lore objects to the Conqueror of the Atlas boss areas.

Removed the blocking terrain from the stairs in The Awakener arena.

Those seem new.
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And where is Sirus bug fix ? Buged for me 3 times from 4 calls.
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Darkyfly wrote:
And where is Sirus bug fix ? Buged for me 3 times from 4 calls.

THE AWAKENER IS SIRUS. all those 'awakener' changes are sirus changes.

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