Remembering 2019

release xmas leagues/content with changes to the game that big, and then fly out for holidays is not a good solution, like the last two xmas leagues.

i accept that, i love this game and i can't wait for Vulkan and PoE2 but i have one wish for 2020:

better polished content

Happy New Year GGG
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."
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Nice year for PoE!
Thanks for everything GGG
I've always wanted to post a reply here.
thep10xer wrote:
Remembering 2019 PoE

Melee Rework, which outside of cyclone, still no one plays melee

Bow Buffs, which barely anyone plays still

Synthesis was a disaster of a mechanic

metamorph, still almost no eyes dropping

Conquerors of the atlas, RNG spawns and a final boss fight Riddled with fight breaking bugs.

Still waiting for these bug fixes. week 3

Yeah, worst leagues parade

Synthesis — sadness
Legion — good, but "melee still shit"
Blight — no comments
Metamorph — one-shot league for chosens, no eyes, no balance, no bows
Depth was such a gift
My wish for 2020 : test the endgame content with something else than normal white maps. Then, maybe you will finally be able to understand your own game.
Great year
But synthesis was the best
donion wrote:
Great year
But synthesis was the best

yea the best shit
Nice and gj GGG.
Molten strike when ball proj much to miss hit... very bad :(
auea1 wrote:
donion wrote:
Great year
But synthesis was the best

yea the best shit

u wrong. Best synthesis :)

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