The holiday period continues, so we don't have any development news to share today (though we're keen to give you an update regarding our current work and to deploy a major patch as soon as possible!). It's also the end of a year and we're preparing a traditional summary of our annual achievements which we'll publish tomorrow. While you're getting ready to celebrate New Year's Eve, why not take a moment to remember 2019 in Path of Exile with us by watching the video below?

Thank you for being part of this amazing year with us! See you next year, Exiles!
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Grinding Gear Games
On to more years to come! :3
Good to know were just going to continue to beat around the bush about the issues were all wanting fixed.
Thx G.G.G. for everything
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE
It be like that
Remembering 2019 PoE

Melee Rework, which outside of cyclone, still no one plays melee

Bow Buffs, which barely anyone plays still

Synthesis was a disaster of a mechanic

metamorph, still almost no eyes dropping

Conquerors of the atlas, RNG spawns and a final boss fight Riddled with fight breaking bugs.

Still waiting for these bug fixes. week 3
Two wishes for the new year:

A new map tab to match the design of the Atlas.

A currency tab that can hold all of the currency items/shards.

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