Remembering 2019

I did experience some of that content. It was a good year until a week or so ago.
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POE is getting better and better at its core. But the rough league starts gotta go. For GGG’s size and standing now, that doesn’t feel acceptable.
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thep10xer wrote:
Remembering 2019 PoE

Melee Rework, which outside of cyclone, still no one plays melee

Bow Buffs, which barely anyone plays still

Synthesis was a disaster of a mechanic

metamorph, still almost no eyes dropping

Conquerors of the atlas, RNG spawns and a final boss fight Riddled with fight breaking bugs.

Still waiting for these bug fixes. week 3

This guy ^ he gets it. would love to get my 40 challenges this league but the BS designed by the company that says themselves "if theres one thing were good at its boss encounters" makes me not want to touch alot of the new content. Redo the whole thing if yall have to. but make it actually a hard feat, not some RNG BS hitbox bug ridden encounter. Love the game hate that your QA is useless.
cant wait for poe2 and new system gem and alll second class add :)
End of a year? More like end of a Decade!
what a joke. this company is out for a cash grab and nothing more
My highlight: Cyclone rework. Happy new year :)
Oh yeah, we remember, when melee was playable..

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Last League for me if you do not reduce the pointless Influence grind. KKKKKKK50 Hours playtime for one siorius fight. Today not even one influence and I have been playing for 10 hours now... gg ggg
nice ty ggg!
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