Remembering 2019

Happy new year! Happy xmas and TY all ! Best luck in 2020 !
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ZachOK wrote:
thep10xer wrote:
Remembering 2019 PoE

Melee Rework, which outside of cyclone, still no one plays melee

Bow Buffs, which barely anyone plays still

Synthesis was a disaster of a mechanic

metamorph, still almost no eyes dropping

Conquerors of the atlas, RNG spawns and a final boss fight Riddled with fight breaking bugs.

Still waiting for these bug fixes. week 3

1. Plenty of people play Melee. Most people want to play Meta though.

2. Bow is the second most used weapon type right now, but ofcourse you know what you're talking about. (You are literally playing with a Bow right now...)

3. Synthesis was a great mechanic, it just took too long to fix bugs that should have been patched sooner.

4. Yeah, droprate could be better, but there are means of getting them.

Try a different attitude for New years, you'll feel better.

A player expressing his views and concerns about the game he plays= attitude? For the new years how about you stop being condescending you'll feel much better. I personally liked the blight league after taking a huge break from the game, the new league is not to my liking so far. Nevertheless happy new year GGG and everyone! Hope we have a great one :)
Have a happy new year everyone!
droprate of eye's is perfect, just becouse ppl haven't figured out there is more in the metamorph mechanic they think eye's have a low droprate means more chaos for me :D

btw i loved synthesys and hope they will bring the mechanic back, it was awesome and for me a better league as legion.

conquerers rng is horrible though atm so yes plz fix that.

for the rest, have a happy new year everyone!
Happy Holidays to all Exiles and GGG <3
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Never had much need to post my opinion, but this shitty league is just sad. Another filler... I mean maybe it's my bad luck bud I had to skip sythesis, it was crap, skipped legion, nothing cooll :D looks great, visually nice but feels fucked up :D Blight was kinda ok... But this buggy thing with... To be honest hate new Atlas, would love to see middle of two, the previous and this one. This content was far from ready to release.

Sorry GGG, but even new supporter packs... I wanted to buy one but the quality of content and the packs itself is just not worth it.
when i can be able to play the game like before patch mention up
*Pours one out for Synthesis and as a slow tear rolls down his face, he laments the loss of uber crafting*
I realy don't get where the rng is in that sirus fight? You have to play the mechanics, kite the voids properly and th aan it's easier than uelder... The only complain I can understand is the minion dying thing in the zones.. But also that not every build can do everything.

And my thoughts to atlas, best change in a long long time thanks for that.
Metamorph is also nice, you can build some realy scary bosses, but plz fix the chill and freeze bug asap.

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