Remembering 2019

happy new year all!
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Finishing the year restarting after three maps, over and over again.

Happy new year.
So you spent your time doing this instead of making the sirus encounter enjoyable?

Sweet priorities.
TreeOfDead wrote:
happy new year all!

poe playerbase tought GGG could never top the Breach league.... and then they whipped out Legion...
seriously im so sad that Legion didnt last longer, like Delve did
All in all, I think it was a good year for PoE and I'm very happy with the direction in which the game is headed.

Synthesis wasn't the best start to the year despite being conceptually rather good but it was followed with Legion which was the long awaited Breach 2.0 and a highly enjoyable league. Blight was okay as a league mechanic but I think it works best as part of the core game, big fan of the oils as they add a neat little way to augment a build. Sister Cassia's voice lines are fantastic too! Then we have Metamorph, the current league and my personal favourite. Metamorphs can be difficult but also very rewarding, which in my opinion is the way a boss should be.

It's been a good year for improvements and QoL too. I've noticed that as the year has progressed I've experienced less crashes and less lag or connection issues, the way master missions work now is also a huge improvement and was a change that was requested for a long time. Conquerors of the Atlas tops it all. My number one complaint was always that the Shaper/Elder endgame was awkward to manage and rather boring, especially influence ping-pong. CotA fixed that and with it made the game harder too, which was needed. Now I'm not pretending that there haven't been issues this year or with CotA but overall I think PoE is on the up and showing no signs of stopping. No other ARPG even comes close and I'm incredibly excited for what the next year brings as 4.0 approaches.

Happy new year to you all and thank you for the hard work you put into this amazing game, roll on 2020!
Despite some of the negativity, y'all are doing a mighty fine job keeping the title fresh, new, and exciting with every league. Looking forward to the new year and the new stuff you have in store for us!
Honestly... Why do I need to anti bot login twice? Also... Lets get this BBBBBSSSWSSS about conqs fixed already? I mean I would love to actually get ahead this league. From one sad faced whale to another, We know you need us, make this game work and I might spend on your shitty box.... I won't because it's a pretty shit box this league so.... Impress me for next time?

Happy new year too man ... I wish you a good therapist for 2020.
Rakie1337 wrote:
So you spent your time doing this instead of making the sirus encounter enjoyable?

Sweet priorities.

I also wish you a nice person to teach you some manners in 2020. What's wrong with you entitled people.
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