Remembering 2019

Bring back Synthesis!

It was probably the best league ever, but people just see the bugs and the 'too complex' crafting system. It was well umm random to begin with, but it was really easy once you understood it, honestly.

It makes me so sad, that every league in the last two years (that's how long I play, so I can't judge for longer) got well implemented, even though they got changed a bit, but Synthesis didn't. It was real content for every kind of player (insane bosses, insane crafting and also insane looting if you set it up right, but people are lazy once again I guess....), no matter how experienced they were. It's the league, that kinda got me started playing the game. It was way more fun than other league mechanics ever were at that point for me. It's also the first league I hit 36 Challenges in.

Synthesis - Best league :)
Legion - okayish (Was cool opening monolith, but felt like it had no depth, so I ended up quitting the league kinda early)
Blight - good (finally something that rewarded slower builds, cool new possibility to get nodes of the tree)
Metamorph - good (Even though it's simple its really rewarding and challenging)

I wish me Synthesis back!

Have a good new year.
Nice year. I was afk for most of it, dropping in from league to league as usual. Last league I dropped by for longer than usual, and haven't stopped since.

Conquerors is a nice new end game, much more interesting, much more grindy sure, but I feel more immersed with it story wise, and more involved with the whole playstyle of it.

Metamorph is also pretty cool, and unlike blight, I feel it suits the style of the arpg a lot more. Its practically running around clearing stages, looting parts, and getting an extra boss in the end. Check check and check in my book for arpg. And at the end of all that, you can put together your own bosses too for added difficulty. Check.

What I did not enjoy was the "make the game harder" mentality that has been creeping up. I kinda hate it to be honest. And not because I want an easy game like D3. But because I want a game that actually supports players going out there and figuring out builds based on the zillion and 1 skill and character choices the game has.

At the moment it is nothing but a meta simulator. This is not good and will always have some trolls crawl out of the woodwork calling the game easy because they done nothing more than pick up a meta build and copied it to the letter. If all builds can't finish the game, then it ain't easy. The learning curve also dictates that the game is not easy.

So, I hope going forward we finally arrive to a direction that emphasizes a balance to the game not based on just how "easy or hard" the game is from a handful of meta builds alone. Furthermore, to ditch as much as possible the idea of meta builds. (I know its hard, but as much as possible).

Its ok to have some mediocre builds out there, but if they can do early map content too, then its cool. A handful of builds that can then push mid end game content (say t6-t12 maps), and then a larger handful of builds to do end game with.

Atm it feels like there is too much of a gap between the builds. Started the league with a mjolnir smite/hybrid build with the Templar. Lots of fun to play with imo, defensive enough, etc. The damage output difference between that and the bleed build I done after that (currently on) with Ranger- Deadeye, is ludicrous in terms of clearing gap. Its almost to the point of being outright silly.

These things should be fixed going forward imo. I would be ok with said hybrid build to range in the t10 maps give or take for example, no need to buff it to end game, and that is a lot more than what it can do atm. It takes so long to clear things its hilarious to even try after a point for any reason other than just the fun of it.

I am hoping this all gets "answered" with the new system in PoE2. Which honestly, seems like it would be just as fun if each 1 handed weapon had ONE six link on it instead of 2, and a total of 2 for 2x One Handed weapons, and 2 on a two handed weapon, as opposed to currently 4 as proposed atm. The rest is ok on it. So here is hoping PoE2 delivers.


Also, going forward, is it possible we get an ACTUAL solo self found league???? I was so hyped to try it out, no party, no trade, and then I walk into a town and I see a bunch of Halloween Disney cosplays walking around the town......... The whole intrigue for me with SSF was that it would immerse me in the world in a solo-mode play. And to be completely honest, I hate walking in towns and seeing all this wacky MTX it completely ruins the immersion for me. Its like I got godlike Sirus champs running around the towns with me.

Very exile... not.

Its like that wonderful showcase we got of that new first town in PoE2... And I am like, "wow, looks so awesome, would love to immerse myself in that world. Too bad I know it wont look like that as a horde of toons will be running around in clown suits and wings and Conqueror Avataras floating around them".

Since this is not an option I think could be added to the game in any other way (say, an option in menu stating "don't render silly MTX cosplays" which btw can even have a lvl 5 character run around like they are the creator of Wreaclast) I think SSF is the perfect place to put an option like this and make it an ACTUAL solo experience.

Seeing others alone breaks that whole intent of the mode. I can see them but for some magical reason can't trade nor party up? loooool.

Just a thought, I know for one it would really improve my enjoyment of the game.

All in all, a good year, and keep up the amazing work guys.
Loving CotA (although I disagree with a difficulty directed to meta builds) and love Metamorph, and PoE2 announcement was a true highlight.

GG for GGG. A happy new year all around peeps.
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Keep up the good work. Can't get enough of this game.
I went through a 20 step signing in process just to tell GGG and the community what they should already know if they're playing, the game was better before 2019. All the crap leagues being dog-piled into core make it unplayable, everything from Betrayal onwards has made this game suck and less fun to play.

I would love to play standard right now, but between the atlas being broken every couple months, passives being messed up, 75 tabs of stuff to sort I log in and log back out.

The leagues are too short, and have nothing to do with core ARPG design. They just add bugs and then get piled on top of more bugs without ever chasing them down.

If the devs actually played this game they would know it was far more fun in 2018 than it is today. I'd gladly pour hundreds of dollars into it if they fixed trade, gutted Betrayal and stopped messing with the atlas in standard.
Thank you for all the new skill effect sales and content! Happy new year!
leto2626 wrote:

I also wish you a nice person to teach you some manners in 2020. What's wrong with you entitled people.

Find yourself a nice anti shill therapist too.
You guys should sacrifice a league and use the extra month on pure bug testing/quality control, i fail to see how can you guys let slide the map tab bug on a patch that reworked the atlas, dont your testing people have map tabs, seeing as a map tab is one the first purchases from anyone that get points. Each league the amount of bugs that get released on live end up on the league getting patched all the way till it ends.

On top of you guys knowing you always take holidays and vacation time this time of the year resulting on critical patches getting pushed further back, league is 3 weeks old and the game state is far from ideal unless you log just to chat on global. And during the weekend something happened internally in the game that now when a conqueror starts the chase dialog, it freeze the player for a few seconds, each time of the 3 encounters a freeze.

I hope you guys this year take out the individual master pool of missions and merge all the mission pool together so anyone can run whatever master they feel like it. I have alva and eihanr missions i will never run, those 70/80 missions are going to waste and i would gladly prefer to spend them on another master.

Nemo Me Impune Lassecit
Great Work GGG love your game I've been here since the beginning.

Now on to the drama queen's that do nothing but conplain. Most if not all of you don't have a shred of coding experience or game making experience so stop complaining about small bugs. Like OMG this free game crashed and they fixed it or OMG theres a map tab bug or OMG the end boss is hard and i don't like it. GGG is one of the best patchers I have encountered as far as fixing and QOL improvemnets mid league. Stop complaining my god or heres an idea go work for them and fix it yourself.

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