EA 3.9 Ignite -- Cap Your Damage

DISCLAIMER: As of 3.10 this build is no longer functional. I have revived the content for archiving purposes but this should not be played.

Last non-typo/formatting Update: 1/12/2020 9:56 PM
Calculator has been updated, you should request a new copy.

Last non-typo/formatting Update: 1/19/2020 6:38 PM
Added an Introduction, touching on the EA fix coming soon.
Moved EA Calculator to Calculating Damage Section.

Last non-typo/formatting Update: 1/20/2020 6:47 AM
Updated all POBs to Awakened Gems due to prices falling and moved gem setup link to below the POB links.

Last non-typo/formatting Update: 3/6/2020 2:16 AM
Appended build guide links and updated discord link, which should be working again.

As of today, a fix is on the way for the 0 dps bug, unfortunately this fix comes in the form of an imposed damage cap. This value will be 2^32 / 2 - 1 / 60 Damage per Second.

Rounded down to the nearest integer, this is 35,791,394 ignite Damage per Second. Fortunately--since this has been bugged for a long time--many of the gearing choices in this build have been made to offer higher forms of defenses and little needs change. This damage is more than sufficient to smoothly clear all content in the game, it just means that itemization past a certain point achieves nothing for this build, landing it in the 15-25ex cost at current market values to kill Awakener 8 with relative ease.

How will I know after the patch if I am hitting a damage cap?
After patch, I will devise a way to determine when you are near the damage cap, probably by recording in 144 FPS and stacking as much damage as possible after the patch, then break down the frames in Adobe Premiere Pro to determine exactly how long it takes to kill a standardized target. With this out of the way, the guide begins.

EA has 3% more ignite per fusing on enemy, therefore hit as many times as possible in a window before the detonation. Everything in this build is in service to this goal, to staying alive, and to being fast enough to not want to blow your brains out when GGG decides to massively increase boss HP.

Weaker old variant
Max Watchstone Conqueror GIF:

Weaker old variant
Awakening level 8 Awakener: (Yes, I manage to mess up Molten Shell usage in a 5 second clip, proof you too can kill Awakener.)

More recent GIF of Awakener 8 (1/26/2020)

Wave of Conviction doesn't target boss for some reason this time, idk why.

Do Hard Challenges By Accident:

Build Limitations:
1. 90% Avoid Ailments modifier becomes Immunity with watchstones. Watch out for the wording changing with Awakener levels. Its annoying.
2. Elemental Reflect, because explosion still hits hard enough to kill you.
3. Red Blighted Maps. The build weapon swaps between a clear and a single target setup and struggles with mobs blocking each other preventing high fuse counts. They are completable but unnecessarily hard.
4. Hall of Grandmasters. Ignite Immunity exists. It can be cleared with accessory gear. Buy a Balefire, Efficacy, Burning Damage, Elemental Focus and second sceptre for ignite immune targets. Roll a remove burn Hybrid flask to not care about opposing scorching ray builds. Build is durable enough to do it deathless several times.

Pretty much anything else should be okay.

POB: ("Path of Building" for those you who ctrl+f as soon as you get to a build guide. I count myself among you.)

(This section will be continuously updated as gearing progresses. Pastebins at various tiers of gearing have date stamps so that you can get an idea of upgrade orders for your own characters.)

12/31 Current Setup:
(POB Updated to include new gem change)
All newer videos besides Drox and those listed below the Drox link use this setup. Drox was still easy with this one, and even the older variant, which has been removed.

1/3/2020 85% chaos resist achieved: (This is probably what most people should opt for gear-wise.)
(POB Updated to include new gem change)

1/11/2020 Ridiculous Expenditures:

Old Build Variant: (Only for those who started this guide when it was on an earlier iteration.)
(POB Updated to include new gem change)

In any of these builds, these are general link setups:



It is sometimes worth it to remove Awakened Burn in the clear setup in exchange for Greater Multiple Projectiles to clear faster when doing easier content, or for things like Blighted maps, where targeting more enemies is ideal.


Pre-Nerf Awakener 8: (This time with EE working)
I think a 1:30 run should be possible. Will try.

Pre-Nerf Awakener 8 kill with EE giving +25% resist because I'm fucking stupid and forgot I had no cold/light roll on gear. You'll see this is a recurring theme...

Rest of Videos running older variant of build. I often forgot to turn on Auras.

General Map Run:

Elder Guardian Run:

Phased Guardian Run:

Elder Run:

Cortex Run: (Haven't done before)

Drox for the dude who wanted it:

2 Link Awakener Kill:

2 Link Awakener Kill: (No Totems)

Calculating Damage:

We have a calculator!
DPS Calc Sheet provided by Michaelrrox
Where to find Burn Duration/Rate Modifiers:

Formally this is what it does:

EA sums the ignite from all fuses applied to the target before detonation. This damage is then increased by 3% more per fuse. This includes fuses applied by totems.

This means that the generalized calculation for damage is as follows:

AttacksPerSecond = POBAttacksPerSecond / ( 1 + 0.5 * TotalArrowsPerAttack)

TotemAttacksPerSecond = POBTotemAttacksPerSecond * ( 1 + 0.5 * TotemTotalArrowsPerAttack)

NumberOfFuses = TimeBeforeExplosion * AttacksPerSecond * TotalArrowsPerAttack + TimeBeforeExplosion * TotemAttacksPerSecond * TotemTotalArrowsPerAttack * NumberOfTotems

TotalDPS = ( TimeBeforeExplosion * AttacksPerSecond * TotalArrowsPerAttack * IgniteDamage + TimeBeforeExplosion * TotemAttacksPerSecond * TotemTotalArrowsPerAttack * TotemIgniteDamage * NumberOfTotems ) * [ ( NumberOfFuses ) * 0.03 + 1 ]

Ignite Damage Modifier from Duration and Acceleration is sourced as:
BaseIgniteDuration * IncreasedIgniteDuration / BurnRateModifier * TotalDPS / BaseIgniteDuration * IncreasedIgniteDuration

You don't really need to knows this, the calculator takes care of this stuff.

1. Don't Forget This: (Especially on totems!)

2. Barrage Support Gem is used, not Barrage Gem.

3. Standing close means more damage, because Barrage fans projectiles at a distance. The premise of the build is to drop totems before boss becomes targetable, hold down barrage, then tap Focus and Flasks when he becomes targetable. (More on "Focus" below.)

4. Absolutely no fire rolls on gear or conversion to fire damage. Get one roll of a minimum of 6 top-end cold or lightning damage to attacks. (Ex: 1-6 lightning damage to attacks, 3-6 cold damage to attacks) This is to apply EE with normal arrows prior to detonation and immediately after.
How to check:

Fire damage will be displayed near where lightning damage is... unless its from a conditional source like these gloves, which you should also NOT use:

5. Weapon Swap is used to switch to big boss single target. Do not neglect the second 6 link setup.

6. Gem level matters. EA is functioning like a spell in this build. Being gem level 18 instead of 21 is 33% less damage!

7. Duration is important for single target damage. Even with helm enchant, 45% off tree, and 23 quality, the 45% duration cluster gives 45% MORE damage.

8. Amulet anoint grants 6.8 seconds of Fortify when used in combination with the Hybrid flask. The crafted modifier is from Catarina, costs baubles and Player IGN: "Sabro" has all crafts unlocked. I've known him for years and had him craft mirror items for me, you can trust him with a flask. His service is free and he operates on tips, so be good to him. That flask mod is not easy to get.

9. Dying Sun matters. Projectile count really matters. The Conqueror's Potency jewel in combination with flask effect makes Dying Sun add a 3rd projectile.
10. Chaos resist is important this league, and you should have the stretch goal of getting to 85% to run Divine Flesh. Going Divine Flesh adds 33% MORE effective life against elemental damage, and 66% MORE effective life against chaos damage (from 75%). Going from -40 to 85 chaos resist trivializes the Awakener fight. I don't even have 85% yet though. It is a final goal.

11. "Focus" is a buff that is automatically granted when using a rare item with a modifier that says "...While Focussed...". It has a cooldown of 12 seconds, and a duration of 4. It is not extended by increases to duration but is still strong. The goal is to just have one boom for each boss phase. To that end, the Helmet modifier casts things that reduce enemy resistances by around 50%, the gloves grant more attack speed than Val Haste, and the ring focus mod shocks enemies for 15% increased taken (Around 10% more in this build).

Guidelines: (Slightly less important)
12. Use rare quivers, they are cheap and reasonably affordable to craft. (even +1 and fire dot multiplier is only a few exalts) Don't buy a +1 skirmish for 8ex, they were only 1 when I was using it, so it was a rational choice.

13. You can pursue more damage at the cost of EHP, but expect to also die more. This league is rippy. I feel that 8000 life, fortify, blind aura, 50% reduced critical damage taken, and divine flesh are a good idea.

14. Some flasks can be changed if running Maydie's variant, just keep in mind that I have not played it so can only offer lower quality advice. I have heard mixed things, mostly from people not being able to gear it properly, so beware it is a challenge.

15. It is possible to do fancy things like access more HP through thread of hope at this location:

This is easier to afford if not going for 85% chaos resistances.

16. A Flammability on hit ring will enhance clear since curse effect against magics/rares is still pretty high. I can't use one yet because I don't have a flat roll elsewhere. This could be easily remedied through a Searching Eye Jewel in place of the rare one that I have. (Life, Cold/Light to Attacks, Resist, Increased Attack Speed)


Is GMP more damage?
Yes, but proliferation is more useful in most circumstances. Get a white socket on QR with Vorici if you want to swap. It is very marginal and I never bother.

Can I go dodge?
Yes, maydie13 has a dodge variant. He has switched to a clearspeed build but you can find part of his older setup here: https://pastebin.com/4s9kTfbz
It should give you a good idea of what nodes to take.

Can I go Blink Arrow instead?

What Catalyst enhances quality on Dyadian Dawn?

What about combustion?
It is applied in the helmet focus trigger.

I don't see Ballista Totem support?
They are a boot modifier.

Why do you use a Hybrid flask?
With my amulet anoint, the fortify buff does not expire on full life when using Foreboding Hybrid. The crafted modifier's leech effects are also not expired on reaching full life, only when the flask expires.

Other Ascends?
I don't like them but Trickster and Chieftain will work with very different setups. Those diverge to be beyond the purview of this build.

What gear would you get before starting?
I think at a minimum: Kaoms, 2 6L Quill Rains, Amulet, Boots, Dying Sun, Unique Jewels, Helm Enchant, Dyadian Dawn.

Is ignite damage scaled by projectile damage?
No. Only monsters resistances, fire damage, elemental damage, generic damage, burning damage, and flat fire. (which should be from gem only in this build)

Shakari and Arakaali fully upgraded.


Ascendancy order?
Master alchemist first.

Why do you use Transcendent Mind?
Both for accuracy and stun avoidance for having a minimum of 1 energy shield. (I do not at the moment, but will after crafting a hat. Get at least 1 ES on 1 piece of gear.

Chance a 6L Quill Rain?
Fuck no. I lost 32ex in scour/chance trying to do that at the start of the league and it crippled me.

HC Viable?
Is this game HC viable?

How do you deal with ailments?
Pathfinder gets every elemental ailment immune while flask is active. Pressing any flask removes bleed, jewel corrupt gives corrupted blood immunity, and pantheon gives poison immunity.

What alternative anoints are an option while I save for Hardened Scars?
Arsonist is cheap.

How do you kill metamorphs?

Place totems, hold down barrage. Hit Focus and flasks after boss becomes targetable. Dash away, swap back to clear, hold down EA again to clear everything else.

I don't have an unset ring, what gem do I give up first?
Increased Duration on Molten Shell to fit in move skill.

Least required gear?
1. Transcendent Mind, it becomes unnecessary after acquiring Divine Flesh and even before then is just for stun avoidance from having at least 1 ES.
2. +1 Arrow on Clear Quiver - Functionally does very little.
3. Corrupted Blood on Rain of Splinters - technically any flask use can remove bleed, I am just lazy.
4. Damage corruptions on other unique jewels only provide ~1-1.2% more damage.
5. 21/23 EA, 21/20 is good enough.

How much does this build cost?
That will depend on the player's ability to search smartly and current market rate, but 25ex should be about right for a ballpark. I have had people tell me they could manage with 10 exalts to kill Awakener 8.

Cautionary Tales and Misadventures: (Somewhat lengthy stories of what not to do.)

Allocating Magmatic Strikes because of "big POB damage."

It ruins EE and you do no damage. This is because Dyadian Dawn's deal no physical damage is applied AFTER conversion.
While you're at it, if you get around to Divine Flesh do NOT take Flesh to Flames either.

Having flat fire damage on gear would also go here. Check your ARROW damage in POB to see if you have this stuff somewhere.
Greed is dangerous.

Attempting to lock suffixes and wipe prefixes to slam a helmet for life, 53ex later got 55 life. Its garbage, don't do it. As soon as my incubator wears off on my hat, it'll be unequipped.

Buying gear that can be crafted for way more than you ought to. See gearing section.

Equipping a pierce amulet, quiver, passive tree node or Projectile Weakness will make you do 0 damage. Fuses do not apply to targets that they pierce.


Do not spend 8 exalts on a +1 Skirmish. For instance, the +1 Fire damage over time quiver I have can be crafted using alts and an awakener's orb. The awakener's orb only keeps the special influenced modifiers when merging two items, so as long as you only have those 2 it will keep both.
Buy an iL80+ Shaped or Warlord Two-point quiver, and an iL80+ any base hunter quiver. Alt both for +1 and fire dot multiplier, then you can conbine them. No need to regal.

What is a Shaper/Warlord/Hunter modifier? You need to have Advanced Mod Descriptions in the UI Options setting to see, then press alt and read mods. Make sure nothing else says hunt or shape in it and you're good to go!

If you do, annul so that there is only 1 Shaper/Warlord/Hunter mod on each item. Then use an awakener orb on the hunter quiver first and then the shaper one. It bricks if you hit fire damage to attacks or pierce, but in all other situations you usually get something worth equipping.

4 options:
1. Buy any iL82-83 hunter amulet base, use vendor recipe to turn into an Onyx.
2. Roll with 1 socket resonator and scorched fossils.
3. Roll with chaos (requires adept game knowledge on a variety of different amulets to know when to stop)
4. Buy amulet


Buy. It is possible to alt warlords on an unset for the curse on hit ring, but it is very time consuming and not really recommended for starting. Sacrifice some stats on the ring to just buy a delve one when starting.

Roll with 1 socket resonator and scorched fossils.

Buy. Keep in mind movement speed craft is good enough for starting, and you can get onslaught on kill for clearing.


Here is where we talk about gearing past what is necessary to cruise.
I only have #2 and #5 and probably won't pursue the rest.

General things that will be great:
1. Elusive or tailwind boots.
2. Second Unset ring to run blood rage for maps after going Divine Flesh (Blood Rage will not harm ES this way, so you keep stun avoidance forever!)
3. +1 Quill Rain
4. Watcher's Eyes with Malevolence damage modifiers.
5. Getting a Glorious Vanity like this:

6. Awakened GMP for Boots. Maybe a second one for boss swap on single target setup, Awakened WED would also work, but is slightly worse.

Awakened GMP in the Barrage totem setup and the bossing setup is kind of overkill for its 15ex pricetag. I would advise normal GMP in boots, and Awakened Burning Damage if seeking a budget version. Awakened GMP in primary links will result in 21% more damage.

These are what I consider to be the "definitive" setup for this build after many hours of rigorous testing with other setups as well as a +3 bow, which did not hold up.

Timeless Jewels:
All timeless jewels are seeded with a number in a roll range. Glorious vanity rolls between 100 and 8000, and depending on that number specifically seeds any non-keystone nodes in the radius in a somewhat random fashion. It pulls mods from a table and replaces any non-keystone node in the radius.

The name on the jewel (Xibaqua, Zerphi, or Doryani) determines which keystone you get. We need Xibaqua. But this does not mean you only look at Xibaqua jewels when you divine them! Look at any jewel after divining, and if you find one with good nodes nearby, you can search poe.trade for the same jewel number but WITH the correct name. The non-keystone nodes will be the same! This is how I got mine, which has 7% life .4% leech, 18% chaos resist, 1% maximum chaos resist in 2 points.

Getting at least 1 chaos resist roll from a major or minor node makes gearing much easier! You can search in the box at the top like this: (You must retype at least 1 character each time you divine because the game does not update highlighting correctly!)

Rolled Jewels for Sale (Sold items have been left linked so you can view numbers for future reference if more appear later)
14% 1% max chaos resist 1 point away (30 attr node); 1 exalt -- SOLD

19% 1% max chaos resist 1 point away (30 attr node) and 7% on an allocated highway node; 2 exalts -- SOLD

13% 1% max chaos resist 1 point away (30 attr node) and 10% on an allocated highway node; 2 exalts -- SOLD

Feel free to join global 1134, a channel dedicated to players who are playing my active builds. Advice is usually readily available and you can learn from other player's experiences playing the build.

There is also a discord available, which is the best place for asking questions when I am not online.


Build Guides:

My league starter, Bladeblast Hybrid Hierophant [3.10]:

Chieftain Blade Blast Auto-loop [3.10]:


Purifying Flame + Wave of Conviction Cast on Crit Assassin [3.9]:

Scrapped: Hierophant Manastorm Indigon Kinetic Bolt Wander [3.10]: (He will soon be returning as a caster.)

Dead to nerfs: Indigon Essence Drain Trickster [3.2]:

Dead to nerfs: Indigon Poets Pen Hierophant [3.2]:

Dead to nerfs: Explosive Arrow Ignite Pathfinder [3.9]:

Undisputed best alpha tester since Awakening beta.
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Very nice, ill give this a try as soon as i 6linked that bow
Also related to the thread:
EA Awakener video last 10 secs awakener:

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"Dyadian Dawn can be boosted in Quality to accelerate the ignite modifier further"
How is called the catalyst?
RedStark wrote:
"Dyadian Dawn can be boosted in Quality to accelerate the ignite modifier further"
How is called the catalyst?

Turbulent Catalyst.
Undisputed best alpha tester since Awakening beta.
Have you thought about fossilcrafting a helmet with Redeemer influence?
One of the Redeemer mods is "(6–8)% chance to Ignite/(18–20)% increased Burning Damage" to get even more bang out of your helmet
Have you thought about fossilcrafting a helmet with Redeemer influence?
One of the Redeemer mods is "(6–8)% chance to Ignite/(18–20)% increased Burning Damage" to get even more bang out of your helmet

Ya, I pretty much iteratively went through all the new mods and memorized most of them. Ignite chance is easily capped, and 20% increased damage translates to very little (3.5% more with current setup) in way of help at the cost of a resist slot or crafted mod space.
Undisputed best alpha tester since Awakening beta.
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Gonna be running this build soon, very excited.

bought a 22% kaoms hit 40% on my first divine. Got 2x coloured quill rains, meh helm with the -9 and trigger, decent boots and a 21 ea. Working on putting it together for now. Can't wait
id be interested in seeing your thoughts on the poison bv =)
So most of the itms listed here cant get afforded though starting the league. Apart of not having time to burn hours and hours when have a job and social life outta :PP

Is this viable in mine version ?. Cos i saw lots of DE and PF using bow skills with new supporter gems adding projectiles and new mechanincs with. TIA and good build Rhaegal :)
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@the_pest - @ioneshotbosses_eightkai
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jtekco wrote:
id be interested in seeing your thoughts on the poison bv =)

Preliminary considerations are overlaying multilayer defenses:

Acro, elusive, fortify, wind dancer, crystal skin, steelskin, silent steps, blind aura, crab barriers.

The other variant is stacking physical damage taken as elemental and taking divine flesh with 85% chaos resistance.

The method to deal damage is relatively consistent with other variants, corrupted cold iron points, VBV for bosses, coralitos, and primarily hunter rares. Both will aim for ~200% increased life from tree or more.
Undisputed best alpha tester since Awakening beta.

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