Bladeblast Hybrid Hierophant (WIP) [3.10]

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Added more leveling advice.

This will be my league starter build. I will probably not reply to the forums for a little while after league start, but my profile will remain public. You can see progress there.


Leveling Advice:

If you want to start as totems, Purifying Flame or Freeze Pulse + Selfcast assist as start works. Stormblast Mine + Orb of Storms will still be faster though.

For passives, remember to satisfy dexterity requirements. Feel free to use a Jade amulet or gear with dexterity as well. You will want 55 dexterity on gear with the final tree.

Also, feel free to take Elemental Overload and the elemental starter nodes to go faster, and remove them later.

Biggest value upgrades are Pledge of Hands via divination cards at league start (since it is restricted), a corrupted 6L from Vaal Side Areas over Tabula (often cheaper...), filtering for a helmet enchant, and eventually 1 Awakened Spell Cascade. Other awakened gems are minor upgrades. Focus on capping resists and acquiring a lot of EHP or utility like Blind gloves.

Note that L15 bladefall is a stand-in for bladeblast's damage and not its cast rate. Blade Vortex is a good tool for determining cast rate until POB is updated.

Also note that Steelskin is likely to be Arcane Cloak. Some testing may be required to determine which is better.

Feel free to join global 1134, a channel dedicated to players who are playing my active builds. Advice is usually readily available and you can learn from other player's experiences playing the build.

There is also a discord available, which is the best place for asking questions when I am not online.

Build Guides:

My league starter, Bladeblast Hybrid Hierophant [3.10]:

Chieftain Blade Blast Auto-loop [3.10]:


Purifying Flame + Wave of Conviction Cast on Crit Assassin [3.9]:

Scrapped: Hierophant Manastorm Indigon Kinetic Bolt Wander [3.10]: (He will soon be returning as a caster.)

Dead to nerfs: Indigon Essence Drain Trickster [3.2]:

Dead to nerfs: Indigon Poets Pen Hierophant [3.2]:

Dead to nerfs: Explosive Arrow Ignite Pathfinder [3.9]:

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