Chieftain Blade Blast with Auto-loop Blade Generation (WIP) [3.10]

Last non-typo/formatting Update: 3/6/2020 2:21 AM
Added discord/global channel link.

Note: This setup is already gimped by late reveals after patch notes and will have to be significantly reworked.

This will develop as we get closer to league start, but Blade Blast makes a lot of meme setups viable. Note that the non-triggered BV is a placeholder for Blade Blast. Please note that all Blade Blast builds are likely to have massive performance issues due to Bladefall being poorly optimized.

PoB: (Notes in PoB.)

Make sure to use the latest update of LocalIdentity's Fork for PoB!

Leveling will likely be done as BV.

First build permutation will probably take place when Spellslinger is revealed.

Feel free to join global 1134, a channel dedicated to players who are playing my active builds. Advice is usually readily available and you can learn from other player's experiences playing the build.

There is also a discord available, which is the best place for asking questions when I am not online.

Build Guides:

My league starter, Bladeblast Hybrid Hierophant [3.10]:

Chieftain Blade Blast Auto-loop [3.10]:


Purifying Flame + Wave of Conviction Cast on Crit Assassin [3.9]:

Scrapped: Hierophant Manastorm Indigon Kinetic Bolt Wander [3.10]: (He will soon be returning as a caster.)

Dead to nerfs: Indigon Essence Drain Trickster [3.2]:

Dead to nerfs: Indigon Poets Pen Hierophant [3.2]:

Dead to nerfs: Explosive Arrow Ignite Pathfinder [3.9]:

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