Content Update 3.9.0 -- Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

So uhh, does the reworked Ranged Attack Totem (now Ballista Totem) still work with wands or are wanders just SOL for this one?

It's not like I had a build with an extra 4L to fill or anything...
yeah, a bunch of nerfs & some buffs - not so terrible. actually, more of the usual. did not turn out to be as bad as all the quackers were making it out to be. looking forward to caffeinated friday.
more melee nerfs

Really looking forward to this league! :)
Rockell wrote:
Dragon585 wrote:

Oh. Well as long as they hate minions and not me!

Minions are still lowkey OP even with their movespeed cut. You can probably freely do them as a starter and mapper build, even with all of the people screeching about the apocalypse in this thread.

I'm sure. I usually do a minion build as a starter because femur of the saints is cheap and 6 link vaal skellies completely melts bosses. I'm sure it still will.
Path of hate melee....


This is unfortunate.. might wait till melee is actually viable again
I will be taking a look at all these tomorrow. Holla at me @beats4president
must say very boring patch notes as a melee player especially lancing steel only a small numbers buff the skill wont be used still as its just baddddddddddd
Wallmeat wrote:
Sill3n wrote:
Ranged Attack Totem Support (Now called Ballista Totem Support)
Supported skills now deal 50% less Damage at gem level 1 (from 30%), up to 41% less at gem level 20 (from 26%).
Supported skills now summon a Ballista Totem, rather than a regular Totem.
Supported skills now have +2 to maximum number of Summoned Ballista Totems.
Attacks used by totem now have 50% less Attack Speed at all gem levels (from 30% less).

This is not stronger than before... With multiple totems and new watchtower node, the 4 old totems did more dmg than then 6 new ones...

i mainly dislike that they remove the choice from the player .
it's basicly a RangedAttackTotem with a build-in MultipleTotem-Support
me as well prefers 3 normal damage totems over 5 tickle-totems

with lvl 20 gems and no other multiplier/gem both give 3 totems with :
RA-Totem+MT (speed 0,70 * damage 0,76 = 0,532 )*0,79 = 0,42 e-dps per totem
the BallistaTotem (speed 0,5 * damage 0,59 = 0,295 e-dps per totem)

but(t) i like stupid stuff,
so i'll try a Danmaku Hiero with barage split-arrow and knockback
nope nope nope nope :D

YES, appears to be a big nerf, BUT not really so big - unless I'm missing something, you did the calc & came up with .42 vs .295 e-dps per totem comparing a 3-link (skill,RA-totem,MT) with a 2-link (skill,ballista-totem). to be fair, you must add another support gem to the latter example. do that and see how big the difference is.
Spell Damage modifiers for one-handed weapons can now reach up to 109% increased Spell Damage (from 79%).
Spell Damage modifiers for two-handed weapons can now reach up to 164% increased Spell Damage (from 115%).
Spell Damage modifiers granted by Essence of Woe have been updated to be consistent with the above changes.
The increased Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage prefixes have also been raised to match the above Spell Damage modifier changes.

This! And arc buff as well... now i know what i'm start leasgue...
Arc Mines) I think many people do same.

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