Content Update 3.9.0 -- Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

Rofl, what a joke nerfing summoners...Feeding Frenzy will be dumped and might as well not exist now.
Stop balancing game by softcore, it's unplayable summoner for hc now, revert everything to 3.7.0 if you cannot balance the class
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Goodbye POE. Wish you did not nerf necromancer into the ground. Seeya.
Okay, necros were too OP. it's understandable.

But why on earth nerf pristine fossils?? It was an acceptable for ssf source of slightly increased hp, not more.

You made bosses tanky as fuck, gave metamorphs ridiculous damage and speed (i see it as a bug still) AND disabled "increased life + max life" mods for players. And life chars never were the most tanky, ES is the winner here any day.

Fuck logic, right ggg?
No new commands for the item filter syntax regarding the new influences?
Am I the only one bummed they removed the best mode from pristine fossils the added % life roll was my only reason to use them, just annoying since I would craft the % life on all my end game gear.
The Supported by Maim modifier from Serrated Fossils can no longer roll on Body Armours.
The Damage is taken from Mana before Life from Lucent Fossil is now a prefix to be consistent with the Shaper version of this modifier. Existing versions will remain suffixes.
The added Maximum Life and increased Life modifier from Pristine Fossils can no longer roll.

GREAT! Just what my pure phys/life characters needed this league. A healthy nerf! Now cut the crit multipliers in half across the bottom half of the tree then rename all the attack % nodes to melee only. Let's bring the viable phys/life builds down to near zero :) We'll even save time mapping by not picking up AR/AR and AR/EV items while making the game incredibly stressful for any new players who accidentally pick a leech/impale/pure phys/bleed build. While you're at it nerf ranger across the board. She's still OP especially Raider.
This league is a nerf to rangers' ice shot and hyrri ire...

Even metaboss is immune to chill...

Thank you (sarcastic)

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