Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas Teasers

DarkenX wrote:

Well, yes, I do. They're called gacha games, and they've been around for quite a while! Probably even before 1990 in physical rather than digital form.

If you can't handle RNG, get outta the RPG! It's practically a staple of any RPG to have something, ANYTHING, be heavily reliant on it, whether it's a rare monster spawn, an item drop/drop rates, winning at gambling, etc. etc. etc.

Gacha games are for p2w gambling addicts.

There is a difference in having rare loot and loot that almost never drops.
PoE is heavily infested with RNG, everybody should know that.
You might be fine with it and thats okay, but Im not.

So stop telling me what to do you noob.
666lol666 wrote:
What's the point of divination cards if we can't target farm a map in 3.9?

Now that is a really good question!

The real questions being asked here.
BarnabieBob wrote:
Missed opportunity to make the person on that throne wearing an orange toupee

The card should be called "White House Corrupted"
Celtic Woman - Tír na nÓg
SSF crafting looking PoG with Turbulent on Stygian with fossils holy moly
really cool!
"our rulers are ridiculous"? charan won't like that. where is he?
RNG is what poe is? İf u don't like go pley something else ...
MakaveLiVIIx wrote:
RNG is what poe is? İf u don't like go pley something else ...

see? this stranger got it alright.

"don't insult my mum with facts"
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

"I never say anything to provoke, but I do provoke to say something."

The "hardest" arpg in the market is "balanced" around cheating the hardest mode in the story of arpgs.. comedians arise with your excuses!
thanks ggg very cool
yeyyyyyyy ggg

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