Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas Teasers

That Crown though!
Finally an item I can make a build around, thanks GGG!
That crown... just WOW
Mirror tier unique. I think this item most have some limitations
Can someone explain this new unique to a n00b like me?
Ailuue :

transfiguration of ... are keywords you can have in some passive nodes only available by anointing an amulette with specific oils (Blight league).

Transfiguration of soul makes increases and reductions to Maximum Energy Shield to also affect Spell Damage at 30% of their value

Transfiguration of Body makes increases and reductions to maximum life also apply to Attack damage, with 30% of their value.

Transfiguration of Mind males increases and reductions to maximum mana also affect Damage (at some percentage of their value. Even the wiki gives no exact value)

to be honest, I don't understand when GGG adds that kind of confusing words. The game is enough complicated; we really don't need that.
Supporter pack preview when?
That helmet is insane!! Depending on its rarity, it very well could fit in almost any build. Its like the stygian vise for helmets, choosing a different helmet will only be for specific purposes. It has solid defenses and adds offenses to nearly all damage types. Only thing lacking is stats such as int or resists which are often on used helmets. Yet the damage and life/es more than make up for those stats which can easily be maxed on other gear for most builds. Definitely nice to see some good uniques for a change.
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Daaaaammn.. that crown though!

I guess it will be super rare, having no downsides, huh?

Almost 24/7 online, love the game, wanna try new builds and help new players out.

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