Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas Teasers

More ways to acquire the unique map? cool cool
omg that map is amazing for zerphi's!!!!....

oh... wait... nevermind
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I have been resentful of the crazy-exclusive Atlas Completion bonuses ever since my Perandus Manor completion was wiped in Standard.

I'm glad that Unique completion bonuses are now retained on the Atlas in Standard, but this will make it just a bit easier and cheaper to access Perandus Manor content going forward. Thanks.
This guy again.
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I like the cat and the quote.

but whatever I've never seen that map drop for me ever so.. never managed to complete any set cards for the normal perandus manor either.
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Nice Card.
hurray another card that will be unfarmable in ssf since now you can't even shape a map lol
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
Missed opportunity to make the person on that throne wearing an orange toupee

More dilution to the already pointless div card system.

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