Thank You

PLEASE, renew the whole interface, just to bring new airs.
Right in the feels ♥
Thanks for all your hard work. I love your guys' passion for this game and the community. I'll be supporting you guys even more going forward. Can't wait for the upcoming content and PoE 2!

Yup, still no Twitch Drop :(
Mirror of Kalandra
Thank you GGG <3
PoE changed my life, I love you, Chris. I love all of you guys.
Lethal, untouchable, keen, aflame. Just what I was looking for.
Thank you Chris and all GGG!!!
I wish you were closer so I can visit ExileCon.
Watched all live streams and even after that once again on youtube.
Was amassing. Decorations, presentation, to see part of your team.
You have there very good friendly team. Dream to work with.
I was speechless when I saw POE2.
Well done.
Wish you all of you all the best and many many years on the top.

P.S. Apologise for my english and all mistakes.
Thank you Chris, I humbly request that GGG tries to make events in the future a bit better in terms of prize distribution if possible, the Twitch event we had was good but the prizes might have divided the community a bit due to issues.
Thank you Chris! Big applause, you guys did it very well, i hope to see more of these in future! Grateful for this game!

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