Thank You

Big thanks to everyone who made this event possible (bow)! Emotion from team could be felt even watching it from far away via steam! Awesome event, awesome announcements, awesome setting overall!
This was the first time I saw GGG crew, and they are all so cool, real game obsessed geeks, like all of us :)
That's the secret how they manage to keep delivering such an inspired high-quality product for decades, unlike Blizzard, for example, who traded all their inspiration for commercial targets.

Stay true!
Makes me proud to be playing such a great game knowing an even greater company is behind the making of it. THANK YOU!!!!! You are awesome Chris, and so are the people I got to learn and meet through the stream.
We love you Chris <3
Truly great first exilecon, lots of new juicy info, could not believe PoE2 was a thing. Such an amazing game, how far it has come. I still remember being excited to be part of closed beta launch and now after all these years, still feel the same, when every new expansion is revealed.

And all that for free, really the top of its class.

Thank you for all the work you do at GGG,
you listen and expand on the community.
I watched all 16 hours of twitch.

Every interview, was Devs bursting with pride, and very willing to tell us all about it.

And I can't wait to play it.

God_of_Thieves_LLD_PVP__I hate the Labyrinth

It's ARPG PVP of course you need Gearz... If you think that's all it takes meet me in Sarn. I will whip your ass with 20c of crap.

!!!I am The_God_of_Thieves!!!
Chris, Thank you! I don't know anyone that could pull this off better; it's your emotions and passions that's really making it shine. There is no shame in showing you deeply care about what you do. I encourage it & I let you a secret, I got emotional 2 & it was bittersweet & I felt proud of what you set to complete.

I hope you know how special & rare what you do is? You lead by example & yes we all make some mistakes, but it's the result that counts; even I got emotional when I've seen your reaction and got inspired.

I must say that I was sceptical about exilecon, but then i didn't expect such "mind blowing reveals" & it was a real pleasure!!

Why are you thanking us if anything we should thank you and your company of awesomeness for making literally the best ARPG in the world lol
High warlord of the SUPER CUTE WALRUS CLAN
- ''High warlord or PoE Apathy which is it?''
- ''How about both at the same time?'''
- ''Crazy bitch O_0''
Thank you! Amazing that the journey is still going. Never thought PoE would become what it is today when I jumped on the beta in 2012.

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