PoE's item trading system

There is an easy way to improve qol for everyone without changing anything fundamentally:

Implement a better Chat System. Just copy mercury trade for example. It wouldnt affect anything but improve qol a Ton. AT least they could give US that

Not perfectly happy with the current trading system, I could definitely see some improvement/tweaks.

Yes, I absolutely think an alternative system that made sense would benefit PoE.

I think you hit the nail on the head. In its current iteration, the trading system is fatiguing. It gets tiresome to trade.
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Sigrosa wrote:
Phrazz wrote:

Okay, I apologize for not paraphrasing everything in each reply and over-simplifying. I even post the chinese version of the trading system without caveats in my initial post but if you read further much of that I think would damage the game.

It's funny though I have enjoyed playing PoE both ways hardcore SSF, and the other side using trade to shortcut into harder content. But I think there is a lot of content in the game you can't even get to. Big example is splinters. Or boss fights requiring many items like that. I want to try this hard content but you need to farm many hours and accumulate currency simply to attempt these encounters.

Honestly I would appreciate a mode where bosses drop no loot so I could simply try some of these with different builds if that's what it takes.

I think this has a lot to do with "being OK" with rare content, and "being OK" with the fact that it takes time (relative, based on play time) to get there. I am totally OK with it. I played Diablo 2: LoD for 6-7 years, completely self-found, and there were still uniques I didn't own. I loved that, because there was always a carrot.

I'm not saying "trade is bad", because it's not. We need trade; mostly for min/maxing end game, and to give items value. I think maybe my views are a little bit screwed, because I will never understand those players, that once they hit level 60/68/70/80, they jump directly on the markert, buying every upgrade they can afford/need. In my eyes, that's not "playing the game", even though I know I'm wrong here.

But I still view some fights as special, just because they're rare. Fights I maybe only experience once/twice a league - and I'm totally OK with those fight not being meant to be farmed over and over again. And everyone can farm a Chayula Stone or three, as well as a couple of emblem sets over the course of a league, if they use Zana correctly.

My biggest fear, though? That they will be forced to alter drop rates if they make trading/acquisition/access to splinters and stuff greater/easier. I just don't think there's any way around it in the long run, when everything being added to the game, are being added with "easier trade" in mind.
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