[3.9] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian | 2 Minute Deathless Sirus 8 | Delve 1500+

with some tweaks yes
Is aspect of the spider worth running as replacement to flesh and stone ?
One HUUGE tip.. I find it funny that Skin of The Loyal costs 3-4EXALT for us with 1B-2R-3G.. but it is actually BETTER to use 2B-1R-3G and we get the SAME DPS BUT with DEATHMARK!!! So we can focus damage on bosses. Ofcourse we lose DPS mapping but trash dies oneshot anyway and if someone lives I just target them down... actually also a good idea to target fire spam to be more in control :)

Good thing is that 2B-1R-3G is 25C omegalol
alpihun wrote:
If I'm poor, which of the gems are essential to have 20% quality?

Also, I have lvl3 empower in my shield for the spectres since I can't afford the lvl21 gem, does that mean that I can use +1 phys spell or +1 chaos spell any wand to buff the crawler?

If you have time but no money, you can get every gem to quality 20 using a recipe, basically for free.

Level gem to 20.
Sell gem + gem cutter prism to vendor. Vendor will give you back level 1 gem at Q20.
Re-level gem to 20 again.

I knew of this recipe.
If I had time, I would be having money too.
Hey, nice build, just testing it, i know that need enlighten support, atm and the ring, the build is very very tank, it's awesome, but i feel like i have no damage, what is wrong? can check in my profile? ty
First I would say Damn its a nice build clear, can facetank Sirius on 8 :D

Can any one tell me what's the best way is too craft a neck with +2 skils and how too craft a shield with +1 to level of chaos gems and Recover 5% of Energy Shield when you Block.

Would be very happy If any one could help :D
I am thinking to try this build. Can this build complete the Hall of Grandmasters map?

It can, there's a few bosses that can be a little tricky, I used frostbomb against the mega-regen ES dudes and Balefire. Otherwise, specs are semi useless and die pretty fast in there.

But I did manage to complete it at least.
I bought these for 7ex to use, figured I'd snag the extra 2nd mod for only like 2ex more than a regular +1 pair. Now thinking about it, feels like a steal. I'm sure there are some builds that would actually utilize the cast speed in addition to +1 gloves.

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I have the spectres of delve, if anyone need pm me in game
GOTTLOB_F, my character name
So I've got this build rolling now, I'm about level 85, easily clearing t16 maps, shaper/elder guardians etc. but I'm wondering what my next step should be if I want to increase my single target dps, because that's the only thing this build really feels lacking on to me so far. The clear is fine, but killing bosses generally takes longer than I want it to. I'm currently running HoAg, Hatred, Skitterbots and Clarity. Here's my gear so far:

I'm thinking maybe swap out for a different colored chest? Would that make a noticeable difference in boss killing speed, or is there something else I can do? I was also considering getting a wand with +1 as well as #% increased minion damage, but I'm not sure how effective that would be. Thanks for any tips.
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