[3.13] HC/SC/SSF All Content Miner - Any Mine Skill - LL/CI - 12k ES w/ Videos!

OutFamouz wrote:
Would you mind posting a life tree? I'm probably going to league start with this build, but i'm not sure where to take the tree before going into CI/LL. A level 85 life tree would help a lot, especially for newer players.

It’s the same tree in SC. Don’t change anything, just take the middle ES last.

Any hybrid gear that drops will work just fine until you can switch to ES.
krut0n wrote:
Does anyone have a leveling tree for this like 20-40-60 etc? Or advice kinda where they went on the tree first that would help allot. Thank you

Take the right side of the tree first, then middle near scion followed up by the middle ES above witch.
JTiYo wrote:
Question about Mines in general, first time i play Miner. Damage and such seems good, I am leveling in act 4, level 40 right now. Using Skitterbots and Discipline. Just wanted to know, does the "way to play" stay like this? What I mean more simple is, will I always need to detonate my Mines manually, and learn how/when to do so? I thought Skitterbots should do that for me, for leveling I dont think Shock and Chill alone is good enough to reserve 35% Mana. Or am I doing something wrong? Also, i really don't like the Cooldown on Detonate, nor to guess how many Mines I might need to place before detonating to kill all Mobs. Advices?

I've also read something about a Numpad 5 "Trick" for Miners, but it was a bit old and does not seem to work, atleast not like I tried it (Maybe because of the Cooldown?)

You are always going to need to detonate them. Skitterbots are not there for the detonation, but the boost they give dps wise - which is huge. They are easily the best damage aura for the build.
Novkraz wrote:
Will this build updated for 3.9?

Yes, haven’t seen anything that would make me change anything though.
phexifa wrote:
So anyone have a life or hybrid tree I can start with before switching to LL/CI ?

For SC, it’s the same tree. Just go hybrid until you can switch.
Shankhook wrote:
Possible to get chayula blessing SSF with no Zana mod new league? Seems unrealistic, thinking CI now

In trade league it’s pretty simple, but yes, will be harder in SSF.

Either way, you are going to want stun immunity - CI doesn’t really fix that problem.
passiontrix wrote:
Any chance we could get a leveling pob?

Tree doesn’t change. Take the right side first, followed by the middle near scion then last with witch section.
gangwars90 wrote:
i have a question about your tree... i only can see your low life/ or es tree

can you please post the life lvling tree? need to know how i should lvl the skill tree during lvling from the start

It’s exactly the same tree in SC.
gangwars90 wrote:
dextery you get mainly from your tree right? do i go first left or first down to the dex?

Yes, all the dex comes from the tree. Always take the right side of the tree first.
Some Manifesto notes are out, real patch notes tomorrow.

Looks like the proj distance got nerfed as well as some leveling skills.

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