[3.13] HC/SC/SSF All Content Miner - Any Mine Skill - LL/CI - 12k ES w/ Videos!

JTiYo wrote:
Question about Mines in general, first time i play Miner. Damage and such seems good, I am leveling in act 4, level 40 right now. Using Skitterbots and Discipline. Just wanted to know, does the "way to play" stay like this? What I mean more simple is, will I always need to detonate my Mines manually, and learn how/when to do so? I thought Skitterbots should do that for me, for leveling I dont think Shock and Chill alone is good enough to reserve 35% Mana. Or am I doing something wrong? Also, i really don't like the Cooldown on Detonate, nor to guess how many Mines I might need to place before detonating to kill all Mobs. Advices?

I've also read something about a Numpad 5 "Trick" for Miners, but it was a bit old and does not seem to work, atleast not like I tried it (Maybe because of the Cooldown?)

Yes mines will always have to be detonated manually, but it is way less painfull than it was since you can do it whenever you want.
After you have gear, you throw mines and instantly detonate once to delete the screen.
For bosses you can make a nice chainexplosion.

Skitterbots explode a single mine and rearm it from time to time, they dont cause a chain reaction. Shock and Chill are just so broken, that even non miners take them a lot.

The trick was need when mines were always placed in front of you and didnt have range, so your character would run to where the cursor was placed and then placed the mine, this is now not necessary anymore. Exploding mines used to have a casttime and was not just instant, we are basically in the golden age of mines.
Mines are just different, thats why the warning is almost in every mine guide at the beginning

So anyone have a life or hybrid tree I can start with before switching to LL/CI ?
phexifa wrote:
So anyone have a life or hybrid tree I can start with before switching to LL/CI ?

for hybrid: take the endgame tree into pob, highlight life nodes at the path and take them. look which path gets you to enough survival nodes first and when you level you take either more life or more damage depending on what you find, how squishy you feel.
(tested the build yesterday on some low maps with life gear in CI spec ~2k es 1 life and level 1 gems and it was still really smooth cause of all our freeze stuff going on)

For life i would just copy a tree from poe ninja
leaving a comment for my starter build
Possible to get chayula blessing SSF with no Zana mod new league? Seems unrealistic, thinking CI now
Any chance we could get a leveling pob?
Cool guide, LL miners are the best. Played LL arc mines in betrayal, that was awesome, will play your build in upcoming league, if icicle mines don't get nerfed too hard.
Good job!
i have a question about your tree... i only can see your low life/ or es tree

can you please post the life lvling tree? need to know how i should lvl the skill tree during lvling from the start
dextery you get mainly from your tree right? do i go first left or first down to the dex?
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wxn7465 wrote:

I think less dps may be due to taking EO. ZO is not the point now. If you can see the image attached. The mana now is 1537, compared with 990+ in your LL tree. The unreserved mana increases from 229 to 399, also more mana reg. that said, not sure if this can be an alternative way of handling mana issue compared to efficient explosives

for dps, before %57 mine damage + 10 crit multi, after 50% crit chance + 45% crit multi + %10 spell damage from extra mana

That is quite wrong in the calculations. Put it in pob, or test it in game. No one should be taking EO with this build.

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