3.8.1 Patch Notes

2 most annoying things with blight are still in place and not fixed:

RHOAS still get stuck and portals still spawn on top of pump. Did you even test your "Fixes"?

Here are the screens: Portal right next to pump - https://i.imgur.com/eXPz6wp.jpg Unkilable RHOAS - https://i.imgur.com/60dbQS1.jpg

Fix your sh GGG.

Here is the video of unkilable Rhoas - https://imgur.com/MP3avQw
Jagaimo wrote:
I have to say I'm kind of disappointed that there is still no way to scale normal blights with character power. Anything like a speed up button would have made the league mechanic a lot more enjoyable and more rewarding once you have a strong character. This way I just stand around for a minute while holding rightclick and collect some clear oils. :-/

Yes please. I see many mappers just skipping the Blight mechanic because it takes too long.
THX GGG, but where is the fix to the crashes caused by vorici.
Fireball barrage dmg is way to high imo. No matter if it only occurs from fire tower missplaced. It shouldn't be so big.

I see people mostly complain about league (and they have reasons lol) but i personally like it. In general i mean.
Not the place to post this, but does anyone know if you can have the same notable twice (by annointing) or does it just get ignored? Can't seem to find the information.
poolnoodle wrote:
Not the place to post this, but does anyone know if you can have the same notable twice (by annointing) or does it just get ignored? Can't seem to find the information.

Once you annoint it it is highlighted in your skill tree,you can't have it twice.
Dear GGG , please increase the drop rate of blight maps and increase the loot drops from blight encounters, otherwise this league will become dead in few weeks .
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
"Blighted monsters can no longer have the Cannot Die, Shroud Walker, Soul Conduit, Fractured or Group Frenzy on Death modifiers."

i literally had this happen to me no more than an hour ago.
Kelvynn wrote:
Fixed a bug where Blight Portals could spawn too close to the Ichor Pump.

Nope. Still spawning right next to it. Poor Cassia is having a fit.

nefarious wrote:
Still crap performance, still spawning too close to pump, come on GGG...

Nice, BESTEST fixes by GGG.

Also, the loot from blighted maps probably gonna remain trash since you increased the amount of chest where half of those are mostly cr*p instead of loot quality.

Even more disappointing is that you didn't even touch regular blight encounters. So many people, streamers, youtubers, players in general told that they are not worth the time to do since they end up being not really rewarding and you still leave them be as they are...

So to sump it all up, rewards are still crap, bugs and problems are still not fixed, performance is still garbage ( well, this was expected since reducing monster amount slightly won't really do sh*t), blight encounters remain whatever.

GGG, I'm losing my faith in you because it feels as though lately you lack skill to do a quality job and also you don't really listen.
We have noticed unusually high memory usage, likely due to loading too many game assets but we are still investigating for 5+ weeks now.
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Icoblablubb wrote:
extra reward chest won't do shit ... 70% of the chests are armor/weapon chests which suck either way even if you give us 10 of them each

You don't like random 6links, elder/shaper bases, helmet enchants, temple mods etc.? Well if not then yeah those armor/weapon chests are not that good for you. But you do realize that they can't add extra ex drops to every chests? There has to be some that doesn't give you amazing shit every time.

I tried 5 maps today and was pretty happy with the loot and extra chests.

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