Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

I rarely whine about nerfs, but I have to say the mana changes are literally telling all selfcasters to go EB+energy leech. Let's compare EB to the mana flask you are forcing upon us.

1. EB can reserve all mana = an additional 50% reserving aura means ~15% more damage compared to mana flask users

2. EB has to invest on some ES nodes, but same goes for mana flask users because they have to invest in mana and flask nodes

3. Reduced survivability with EB can easily be countered when combined with MoM

4. EB frees up a flask slot which means
1) HUMONGOUS quality of life from not having to spam mana flask constantly in order to use skills
2) An additional utility flask can provide ~15% more damage OR lots of additional layers of defense

5. EB can't normally get arcane surge buff but arcane surge on kill mods/nodes or zealotry watcher's eye can provide the buff

So why would any selfcaster on earth use mana flask over EB?
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When buffing Burning Damage skills, please consider Fire Burst from Essence of Hysteria as well. It didn't receive an more multiplier for ignite in the Patch 3.3 like other fire skills.
Лошо, Седларов, лошо!
Oh wow.
As a (mostly) standard player, I already stopped gearing up my (old) berserker with a new cyclone build after Chris said on reddit that it´s "not working as intended".

So, that "minor" nerf now includes:
- Cyclone AoE (which was more a "problem" of certain ascendancies) got nerfed
- Cyclone flat Phys Bonus cut in half
- Berserker got nerfed (stop trying to make anyone play Warcries)
- Mana cost reductions aka free Cyclone was nerfed
- Pulverise nerf again nerfs Cyclone AoE and will probably render the skill unenjoyable for every class except the mentioned "problem" Ascendancies

Thinking "OK, time to go back to my MoM Hierophants then" also seems to be no option, as you obviously change the Hiero Ascendancy and cut the defensive part of the mana branch - which means mind over matter obviously.
So you also need to nerf the defenses of an already slightly squishy class?

You can´t imagine HOW fed up I am with your mindless nerf mentality.
I already put PoE aside for the last weeks, but I think since you make it impossible to min-max any build in the game for the long run, I might as well quit this nerf-orgy all together.

Maybe this is really the result of an mtx based business model, where you don´t care about the balance but rather about selling as many different skill mtx as possible, who knows.

The idea behind PoE once was "play whatever you want", it´s clearly now "play whatever we want".

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I've been playing for less than a year and I've never seen a game get so much love than what GGG gives their game. Can't wait to see what you guys and gals are gonna do for 4.0! 4.0 Hype!!!
MaxEXA wrote:
Balance notes explained:

In 3.7 we have made melee great so we must fuck it up beyond repair this league.

I am glad borderlands 3 is coming out so I have something to play other than this tower defense minion league. Sorry but no $$$ support from me this league.

You have literally combined every play style I dislike with a mechanism I cannot stand into one package lmao. You are the worst. I am sure however and hope for the sake of POE, that other enjoy these play styles and this somehow ends up being a successful league.

You have out-done yourselves in 3.7. It is not realistic to expect the same every league.

How dare GGG not design their game according to whatever you want!?
3 ppl already tried to buy my +2TS. I unlisted it like 5s after logging in xd
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Pulverise RIP
All the latest announcements speak only nerve, the league is ridiculous, it becomes very sad I think because this game can be fun but you only make shit.

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