Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

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[Removed by Support], thanks GGG finally unnoticed skills will be valued!

No, they fucking won't. People will still use Tornado Shot and other GOOD skills because GGG doesn't intend on buffing the TRASH skills that feel awful to play until they are about even, but then people would still rather play a fun skill that is slightly worse in damage than play a superior in damage trash skill.

If a skill loses something like TS lost in this patch and becomes unviable, the skill was already trash. If TS is not unviable right now, stop crying please, thanks
"There is currently no replacement for the Chaos recipe."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can't even take this seriously anymore. xD
In 3.8.0 we've changed all remaining sources of Mana Leech, either replacing the stats or changing them to only leech from Attacks. This includes Enchantments, the Mana Leech Support, and unique items.

The general philosophy is that mana sustain for spellcasters should be something a player has to think about and find some way to manage, similar to Accuracy for Attack characters.


If giving up an entire support gem slot to sustain mana isn't "something a player has to think about and find some way to manage," what is?!
Awakened Combustion Support when?
Forget everything i ranted about. The new skill tree adds a ton of new ways to get dps, and the ascendencies add alot too. Furthermore the support gems will be very big for the build aswell. 7/10 zombiemancer is still alive guys.
Natalia_GGG wrote:
Golems have all been reviewed and adjusted, to make more varieties of golems have competitive levels of power. Chaos, Lightning and Stone Golems have been improved in various ways to make them more competitive with Flame and Ice Golems, as well as the new Carrion Golem. As an example, Chaos Golem has more Area of Effect on its Cascade, has 100% Physical Damage converted to Chaos, and its ongoing chaos storm now has "Spell Damage modifiers apply to this skill's damage over time", in addition to damage adjustments.

The very next day:

Lightning Golem
Increased the damage dealt by the lightning projectile by approximately 40% at all gem levels.
Reduced the damage of the Arc skill by approximately 20% at all gem levels.

I believe this is an overall nerf, not improvement. The Arc skill is LG's most interesting and damaging skill by far. Boosting the projectile (the weaker secondary skill) by 40% doesn't compensate for the 20% reduction to the Arc skill. I'm willing to accept that I might be overlooking something here, and if so, please correct/enlighten me.
⚡ Lightning Golems:
⛄ Ice Golems:
rip spectres ;(
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You took 5 years or more to assign mobs around a rare on named Minions with a yellow at their extremities. In D2 only less than 1 month.
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Execreth wrote:
You took 5 years or more to assign mobs around a rare on named Minions with a yellow at their extremities. In D2 only less than 1 month.

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