3.8.0 Announcement Timeline

Can't wait!
Can't wait.
Sweet jumpin' jack-o-lanterns on crack that thar be some fine news indeed!
make trade offline. Create something new. Players should put their items to there and if anyone want to buy item should go there and pick it. Item may deliver via post or I dont know. It should be must..
Thank you Natalia
Embrace the vaal and the corruption! Only then, you will be bless by Atziri. That's how I got a Headhunter in the Atziri Apex of Sacrifice!
I want in on the Beta! No more difficult/buggy first week! What? No?
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How about add a good trade system?
I like trade with others players but hell is a bad system if you pray for a bot trader, i have a list with Bots who trade currency or maps because i hate whisp randoms for 30min for 1 map. AH or something like that for fast trade, some people don't like AH because that removes the interaction between users, because "TY GL" is the best interaction they can have.

Improve the connection.
Ofc this isn't for everyone, but Brazil server clearly have a problem, most of the time i had to login to texas and play with 200ms because Brazil kick me after 5 mins.

Optimize the game.
This one maybe is hard for a patch, is more for expansion.
Was a pain every legion pillar because the freez (just like betrayal interventions).

Don't get me wrong i really like the game, but there is alot of problems that this game drag along the leagues without solutions.

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