3.8.0 Announcement Timeline

Was waiting for that, finally :)
i wish you fix minions build, will be rly good if despawn minions = their dead
longest week of the league. waiting .....

announcement of the announcements annuncing the announcement as usual.
Everyone talking about the end game and I have not been there. That is okay, I am having fun trying to get there.
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AWSOME! but no more wingssssss reward again plzzzz, recent challenge rewards are getting boring.
It all sounds good, except that there is so much content I don't even know what half of it is. I already ignore the Temple and Einard most of the time. I do like all the Betrayal action, but crafting in general has left me in the dust. This league is nice because it didn't add content that took me away from just playing the game. And melee is much improved.

In any case I do look forward to seeing what you have in store. :)
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Danke, need the new AMD 5700 XT for the new league.
TheLockedGuy wrote:
Does it matter? Is like anyone going to play the game with how well you guys balance end game?

I don't want to be rude, but the 0 challenge indicator clearly shows that you have no idea on how the endgame is balanced anyways.


Anyways. Looking forward to the next league even tho I won't have much time to play it. Legion was simple and refreshing, tainted a bit by the lack of endgame of the league (delve and synth bosses were much better, despite their lack of balance with mods, betrayal mastermind is a perfect fight). Overall still an amazing league, thanks!

Let's see what you will bring this time!

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