3.8.0 Announcement Timeline

Ah, the "announcement to announce how we'll be rolling out announcements" announcement

"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Hope this league is a great one. Going to take a lot for me to play over Borderlands 3
hope start will not be full of broken gems.
will you be doing anything to help the Hardcore player base? it's dwindling to such low numbers, it's basically SSF
Next league's cyclone - 0.5 range per stage, 3 max stages, 50% less movement, 1st hit deals 70% less dmg... 'Modifiers to Melee Attack Range also apply to this Skill's Area radius' removed.
Keep it up guys! loved my first season!
Did the earth move for you, baby? Probably, you hit the ground quite hard.
Have you guys worked on improving the terrible servers & server performance, so that all the hard work going into the league isn't completely trashed again?

I'm hoping the awefull changes to the way movement works and how we path with our movement skills is also either fixed or just reverted back to what it was pre-3.7

This was one of the best leagues ever and it was borderline unplayable.
Cant' wait!
All we want is a REAL endgame, with REAL loots, with REAL difficult. And many other things too!! :D
New skill gems....support gems...boooring!
IGN: ??? (Fips_PoE - Conquerors Of The Atlas, Metamorph League)

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