3.7.2b Patch Notes

Sweet now I can fortify with a wand.
Awesome, thanks!
DjHex wrote:
I also checked the notes for flicker strike fix. I still freeze up or crash on lockstep. The other mode i desync so hard and die i can't use the build properly.

Guess why you crash on (a really pooly designed) lockstep setup? Desync.
Still getting non stop fps drops in combat with cyclone since 3.7.2

This is immediately after the patch:

With multiple threads existing from multiple people. But all I've heard is radio silence.
Fix the leech graphical glitch please
Ty hopefully the random crashes will stop.
Does this fix the instance crash for finishing an incubator on a Ele Hit RAT Heiro?
Qarl wrote:
Fixed three instance crashes.

Is this exclusively related to game crashing or does it fix some of the disconnect issues where you get stuck inside one instance unable to use portals?

I'm asking this because in the Sao Paulo realm people are having some disconnect problems while they are mapping.

Their characters stop moving for 3 seconds and when it goes back to normal they are stuck inside this instance unable to use portals to leave the map, it shows a green message on chat "disconnected from server" as you try to enter a portal.

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