3.7.2b Patch Notes

Client crashes still super regular for both me and the two people I play with. Shockwave-attacking legion elites seem to increase the crash chance to near 100%.
"Legion Splinters can now stack up to 5,000 in a Currency Stash Tab."

Meanwhile, resonators and fossils still don't stack ... 10 months does not seem to be enough :/


Pls make a Tab for those fossils and resonators
We will buy IT :)
*tires again...*

nope... still crashing 10 times per hour...
Fix the area trasitioning disconnects please, this is getting tiresome and killing the little immersion the game has.

Path of unexpected disconnects.

P.s. 11 disconnects in the last 35 mins. How is this even acceptable. This game just gets worse per patch.
Last edited by Crusaderx on Jun 26, 2019, 1:18:05 PM
Did this resolve the Flicker Strike crashes?

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