3.7.2b Patch Notes

spyrowloco159 wrote:
Oh, so now Splinter`s are currency?

Lets start buying and selling using them, this is a joke,

Why is that hard to Add them to the Fragment`s tab instead? they are the same exact as breach splinters and breachstones,

Get 100 = 1 Key map...

Just weird decisions... *facepalm*

It is not yet decided if Legion will go core or not. Wtith that being the case, adding legion splinters to the fragment tab would make little sense if it doesn't go core. Things like this have only ever been added once it was guarenteed that they will be core elements in the future.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Pls add some huge special icons for Generals and Super chests. Its hard to spot them,even rares are bigger
Nice, thx for your effort and work so far.

On the other hand, we would like to hear that you identified the double Leapslam bug and the 2-consumption bug of flicker strike and the "on cooldown even though there are 5 frenzy charges" bug with flicker. Flicker seems unable to target anything further away than “5 cm”. In addition, it seems that when the mouse cursor is hovering over an obstacle that is not passable or attackable that the skills just goes on Cooldown.

I understand that “queuing” is a problem but why for example not change the behaviour of the skill to patch level 3.6 when “always attack on place” is enabled? Yes, I understand we would not be able to “cancel the attack” specially with Multistrike but hell I assume it would at least enable the skill again to be playable. That’s just a silly idea of mine I bet you can find way better solutions but we would like to hear that you try.

That you realize that this is an issue for like few players but those can’t play their favourite skill. We would like to see a "what we are working on" list again. We would at least like to know that it IS on a list to fix...

I mean I am aware that you changed a hell of a lot of the game mechanic and we all appreciate it but while Synthesis was a "disaster" league wise... it “worked”
Legion would be fucking amazing but due too so many tech issues is even worse than Synthesis in the matter of actually playing the game.

It’s not that I am angry with everything and that I cannot see all the potential of that league but right now it seems that, if you are not playing cyclone or essence drain you seem not to be a player worth listening too. And don’t get me wrong I struggle with flicker I play Legion. But so far (I played close to 3000 hours of POE) its hard to find the joy and the thrill in it.

Best regards
Dr. Blowhole
So that's what was making me crash, counter-attacks. Waiting for the xbox patch I guess. It'd be nice to play again for more than 2mins.
Leap Slam bug? Who knew? ahhh things make more sense now.

Should I stop leaping round is that why I can't do damage to the Elder anymore? lol

So if the bosses won't even say its broke but it is; the only solution is to remove it and find an alternative attack until the problem. that doesn't exist, is fixed. Maybe it will fix itself. Did you try unplugging the server wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in? Or say some magic words over it.
Did you fix the problem with flicker strike and ancestral call support? It was written in the last patch that it was fixed but the bug is still occuring.

Things get worse with every patch.
Please take more time for your next one and don't rush it like this joke called Legion.

"Legion Splinters can now stack up to 5,000 in a Currency Stash Tab."

Meanwhile, resonators and fossils still don't stack ... 10 months does not seem to be enough :/
SSF for ever :)
Thank you for enabling profane bloom on legion monsters. :)
fix são paulo

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